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The Full List of BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard Shortcuts


I have been loving having keyboard shortcuts back on my BlackBerry Q10 and have been rediscovering which ones work and which ones do not. The Globe and Mail has kindly put together a list of all the keyboard shortcuts they have found for the Q10 which you can find below. I am assuming they got the list from BlackBerry but let us know if they missed any!

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  1. Some of the very important and frequently used ones are still missing, does anyone know why?

    • Yeah they are coming. This is just a first flow through. I also want them to fix the animation with the N & P buttons in the Hub

      • Great news, because doing a search to see my unread messages just doesn’t make sense coming from OS 7.1

        And typeandgo is nice for tasks, but shorcuts are better for some usecases.

        Aaaand I want ctrl+c/ctrl+v 🙂

        It’s really strange how they did it. They took the touchscreen flow and tried to figure out how to throw a keyboard into the mix instead of taking their keyboard flow and adding the BB10 gestures when it makes sense. As if their target was people coming from all touch phones…

  2. Aw shucks, I just picked up a Z10 and while I am loving it, this list is making me really miss all the keyboard shortcuts I’ve been used to with my Torch.

  3. where is the list of “HOMESCREEN” shortcuts i never ever use universal search i want my M – messages N – BBM A -addressbook U – calculator etc

  4. I think thy need an instant action launch category where you can instantly launch a selection of apps by simply typing a letter and enter similar to shortcutme.

  5. Well, I’m glad to see that I’m not missing anything yet with my Z. I was gonna hold out for the Q but the excitement got the best of me. That, and my trusty 9700 was wanting to retire

  6. Sorry, I’m still waiting on the Q10, shortcuts or not shortcuts…ready or not, here I come…

  7. I’m still not convinced. I tried using it on retailer store but still I prefer using BB Bold. Its keyboard is still awesome. 🙂 Q10 needs an upgrade.

  8. None of this does anyone in the US any good, because Blackberry doesn’t seem to care much about those customers. These HUGE delays are deplorable and will only hurt US sales. Blackberry still can’t execute in the US and it’s a joke!

  9. When “i” get my Q10 will “i” be able to use the “i” to file message (within corporate email connected to Outlook) – as “i” did with my 9900?

    • When “i” said above that they were missing the major shortcuts, I was not “J” ust “K” idding.
      I am sure you got the hint. (J and K shortcuts are missing as well, huge disadvantage, in my opinion!)

      I’d like to coin the phrase: I is a lifesaver
      aka the best worst pun ever.

    • Yes when you hit “I” on the Q10 in an exchange or IMAP email account it will show you a list of folders to file them. In other words the I shortcut is there.

      • How about on Z running 10.1?
        How about J and K shortcuts?

        • No keyboard shortcuts on the Z10 due to a lack of keyboard.
          Sort of reminds me of that old windows joke. “Keyboard error. press any key to continue.”

          Sadly no J and K shortcuts but the whole paging through of emails is being worked on so expect something new with gestures in the future.

          • What you said would be funny — except it is not because RIM allows keyboard to be pulled out by swiping up in e-mail list.. 😉 So, yes, if keyboard shortcuts are incorporated into 10.1 as a whole, my guess is they will work with on-screen keyboard as well. Anyone got 10.1 on their Z to try it?

            J/K may have been removed due to threaded view option, although that was included in the earlier OS’s as well, but when you are actually reading an e-mail and before you hit reply and blast someone for not doing their job, it always helps to hit K to make sure there are no further e-mails in the thread.. 🙂

            Or the new developer did not really have a list of all shortcuts, they just added the ones they knew about.. \

            • I don’t know. Its possible that they will add such a feature but I doubt they will add virtual keyboard shortcuts.

              • Without shortcuts 10.1’s addition of shortcuts is useless in Z10, unless they add gesture shortcuts or utilize the empty space at the bottom by adding custom buttons or buy “Stickying” certain functionality on the side (like let people add a “folder” button to easily file e-mails while reading, simply put, let users customize the frequently used buttons) otherwise the keyboard shortcuts are really needed.

  10. My keyboard has frozen upon reply to an email on my Q10. What can I do to be able to compose again? thanks

  11. Just click cancel and “Save” when it pops up and then open the draft again

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