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BlackBerry Confirms BlackBerry Q10 App Release Schedule for Some Top Apps (Amazon Kindle)


Owners of the new BlackBerry Q10 might have noticed by now that not all BlackBerry 10 apps are compatible with the BlackBerry Q10. This is because developers need to optimize their apps for the smaller screen size from the Z10 especially if the apps are ports. Our buddy Al Sacco at ran into this issue and managed to get a response from BlackBerry’s Marty Mallick, BlackBerry’s senior director of strategic business development, with the release dates on some key apps for the BlackBerry Q10. Check them out below:

  • Amazon Kindle (First week of May)
  • BlackBerry Travel (First week of May)
  • BeWeather (End of May/Early June)
  • eBay (End of May)
  • OpenTable (End of May)
  • GoMusic, Google Music clien ( No date set)
  • Charge Anywhere Mobile Payments (early May )
  • Amazon Shopping (Early to mid-May)
  • Pacemaker (No date set)
  • Google Talk ( No date set ) (editors note: this is already released)
  • StubHub (end of may)
  • Cisco WebEx (End of May)
  • Truphone (this week)
  • Gadget Box (No date set)

He also goes to note that games are also coming over to the BlackBerry Q10 but more games will be available for the BlackBerry Z10 due to its industry standard form factor. Let us know if you spot release dates for any other BlackBerry Q10 updates. Most of these releases have to do with the launch date of the BlackBerry Q10 in the target market. That is why you see so many US-centric apps coming in the end of May.

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  1. I thought the whole point of the new OS was to be cross compatible? Is it just me or do they just not learn from previous BB’s where dev’s didn’t want to make a new app for each different BB and different resolution.

    • Cross compatible has nothing to do with asset and UI resizing. That’s unavoidable with different screen dimensions which is why most manufacturers don’t really change their screen dimensions much, if at all.

      • Yeah this is unavoidable on their part. They are doing whatever they can to get them ported over. Its just the small things that need to be optimized like the smaller action bar on the bottom.

    • You are right! I changed from iphone to BlackBerry and yet again they manage to disappoint!!

  2. BTW kudos to RIM for the app timelines, back in the day they would have never given out info like this ahead of the curve

  3. Q10 messes everything up. Different resolution factor, so apps need a lot of work to look decent.

    Q10 buyers will complain that they dont have enough apps. Then devs complain that BB10 apps are not worth it due to amount of work vs revenue of small install base. Devs stop developping new apps for BB10 due to fragmentation.

    Consumers complain they dont have enough apps for Q10 or Z10….

    and the cycle goes on and on

  4. WebEx is available in BBW

  5. I wonder if google maps can be ported nicely..

  6. Although Kindle app has entered the BlackBerry World, but the quality is pretty poor compared to Kindle app for iOS or Android.

    And there are still bunches apps which are not available in BB App World, such as instagram, Square, etc.

  7. Hi, just wanna know if any1 can tell me when a standard bank app will be available for the Q10?

  8. The standard bank app??, only nedbank available

  9. Kindle’s not available on AppWorld for Q10 yet for some reason.

    The alternative took me a while to find. It’s sideloading the installation file from using Chrome/GridBook . The app works really well!

  10. Here we are in the middle of July. Kindle and eBay for Q10 remain missing in action.

  11. I agree – while I knew that giving up my iPhone (which I hated by the way) to make the long awaited return to BlackBerry would result in the loss of many (unused) apps, I was unprepared that eBay was not available on the Q10. I got the Q10 as I have ALWAYS missed the physical keyboard, but the wait for a eBay app is just ridiculous! Screen size, shmeen size, why was there a perfectly working eBay app for OS07, which had a SMALLER screen size than the Q10 – and now they can’t make an app for it!?
    Rah. Bring it on already. Though honestly, this would be my only Q10 gripe….

  12. Still no Kindle App for Q10. Amazon get to it. What is the problem? Don’t you realize the more opportunities I have to read the sooner I will need to purchase another book?

    Not Rocket Science. Port the f#(@&!%* app to Q10!!!!!!

  13. Yup, just tried ordering my first eBook from Amazon. No go without the Kindle BlackBerry App! Not sure if the actual “eBook file” would be transferable from my Windows 8 Kindle App to the 3rd party Kindle reader available in the BlackBerry world? Probably not- so no order(s) placed for now. Bring us Kindle!!! I love my Q10 but the incompetence of devs and supporting companies is beginning to irritate me. I’m a new BB user and am overwhelmed by so many apps NOT making deadline or manifesting?!

  14. I had the Kindle on my Z10 and it transferred w/o problem to my Q10. I can’t recall if i downloaded the app directly from amazon. No complaints – it works great.

    • I downloaded my free Kindle app directly from the Amazon site – has worked w/o probs on both my Z10 and Q10. I can’t recall if you have to make a purchase to get it free, but i purchased some ebooks for $1 ea.

  15. Doesn’t yet work in the uk. I only see this page, which refers you back to blackberry world…

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