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Review: dbrand Skins For BlackBerry Z10 and a Chance to Win One

LEBLK_back_ac4304670d7f97cbc3574fca29491b24_originalLooking to add a little more flavor and personalize your Z10? Dbrand recently added the BlackBerry Z10 to the list of supported device. They make some really cool vinyl skins. They recently sent us a few for review and we also have extras to give some to you. The skins come in three different textures and several colors that allows you to pick to  your liking.

Texture styles: Includes Leather, Carbon Fiber, and Brushed Titanium. They also have several different colors that includes jet-black to stark-white.

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Dbrand has done a really nice job of making this skins fit the Z10 nicely. The skin is cut out into five different pieces one for the battery cover, two pieces for the side bezel, and two for the top and bottom front bezel of the Z10.

we use only Authentic 3M vinyl on our BlackBerry Z10 skins. That means there’s never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. We are committed to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. You can relax. We only use the highest grade, most textured materials on the planet.


Applying the skin over the Z10 is not too hard after you watch the How to video at this link or below:

Applying the skin is not too hard but you have to follow the instructions, and it does require some patience. The harder past is applying the ones on the side bezel to fit it correctly.  I was able to apply most of the pieces on the Z10 without any trouble but the longer bezel pieces do require a little bit more attention.  I have to commend the guys for their instructions video is by far one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I can see their attention to detail and perfection as they created a really good product.

Pros: The skins definitely give your device a different look and feel and can also keep it from getting scratched. Overall the skins feel nice and it does feel like you get a good grip on the device with the skin on it.

Cons: The skin once on, may keep the device from fitting snugged on some case, but I found that this was not the problem with most cases that use a flexible material. Hard cases such as snap-on cases usually don’t fit correctly. So if you have some of this cases after applying the skin it may not work correctly.

Where to buy:

Price: $20.00


Giveaway:  We have a few skins to giveaway, so by simply commenting below you will get  a chance to win one for your Z10. Note that in your comment you must note what device color you have whether it be White or Black. As each skin is designed to fit a specific device.IMG_00000806_hdr

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  1. Nice review, they seem like solid skins.

    Count me in for one you are giving away… :)

    Black Z10

  2. Nice Skins, lots of colours to choose from.

    Rocking a white Z10…all the way from South Africa

  3. Sweetness!! I’ve wanted one of these since they first hit the market. Solid product from what I can tell. Would love to win a white one for my black ATT Z10!!!

    Keep on rockin!

  4. Nice!! Would love to have one for my Black #Z10! I will be crossing my fingers. Thanks BerryReview!!!!

  5. Cool!

  6. Those really are some good looking skins, dunno how I’d feel about putting one on my LE though 😀

  7. Thanks for getting the word out about dbrand skins for the Z10.
    Most manufacturers act as though BlackBerry isn’t worth the time nor effort to make accessories for the devices they offer. Thanks for the support.

    Sent from my black BlackBerry Z10

  8. i want it for my Blackberry Z10 Black. Count me in

  9. Very nice – and a really great demo/video as well. Nicely produced! I’ve got a Black device myself.

    What colours do you have in your collection and on offer?

    Head over to their website and you can design your own combination. The company is based in Toronto, Canada. Nice to see things being made here in North America for a change.


  10. Had something similar on a previous BB so it would be nice to customize my Z10 Black. Thanks for the contest.

  11. I have 2 z10 in black

  12. Rock in the Black Z10. Very cool prize guys :-)

  13. Would love to have one for my Back in Black Z10.

  14. this would make my Z10 look fabulous

  15. Wouldn’t mind one of these

  16. I have a black z10 and would love a blue one.

  17. Nice! Would live to try one out. I have a black Z10.


  18. I absolutely love my Dbrand skin. I have the dark brushed titanium. Makes my device look so much more high end. I’ve gotten many compliments on it! I would like to try the black leather one I think. Let me know if you want pics of mine. I’d highly recommend!!!

  19. Glad to see a review for these guys, they are fully supporting BlackBerry.

    Happy to get one of these for my black Z10

  20. Dbrand products are pretty much cool and i will love this for my Z10 black

  21. Nice look and makes my basic Black Z10 look more interesting.

  22. Count me in, it looks cool, would love to get one on my Z10.

  23. the more i stare at dbrands skins the more im lusting one on my phone. put me down for an entry please!

  24. Loving the z 10 very much and if i get this skin i will not be able to move my eyes away from the z10…rocking a Black BlackBerry z10

  25. That skin looks like a piece of art!!!

    Black z10.

  26. These are neat. The leather back reminds me of the old 9000. Thanks for the contest.

    Black Z10

  27. My black z10 would rock this bad boy at all cost..

  28. My black z10 would rock this bad boy at all cost..
    This is nice….

  29. Excellent Skins…!!!

    Black Z10

  30. The Skins look nice!

    Black Z10

  31. I’m using a white device!!!

  32. These look kind of cool. I wouldn’t mind giving one a try.

    White Z10

  33. Looks like a great accessory. Love th options available for my Z10. Figures the one day i’m away and there’s a giveaway. 😉

  34. Good luck, black please!

  35. Very nice. Thanks for the review. I would love to win one for my Black Z10.

  36. I really like the looks of the dbrand stuff, I have white one

  37. Nice review, Luis. My black Z would look really nice in one of these

  38. Count me in, I would really like to win a skin. 😀

  39. dbrand has came with a great skins for BlackBerry Z10.
    Black is my choice!

  40. I would be grateful to berry review if they would consider giving me a dbrand skin.The case I have is just not its job and I have ended up with a small dent.Therefore the skin will save my z10 from any furthere damages in the future.Thanking you in advance.

    Z10 Color: White

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