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Review: Seidio SURFACE and ACTIVE Case For Z10

IMG_00000720With the newest device from BlackBerry, we have been awaiting to see what case maker Seidio had in the works.  Today we take a look at the Seidio ACTIVE and Seidio SURFACE cases for the BlackBerry Z10.  The cases can fit anyone’s lifestyle, the SURFACE, if you are looking for a great hard shell minimalist case for your device, and then the ACTIVE, with its 2 layer protection, really keeps your device safe.

IMG_00000737First off, let me be honest, I have never been a fan of the minimalist hard cases for devices, I always felt that they would let the device wiggle inside, or just felt too cheap.  Seidio has TOTALLY changed my views with their SURFACE case.  It is the first two piece case that I have seen snap on with 2 pieces sliding over the device.  They also have a nice felt like layer on the inside which keeps the device very safe and snug.  Even after a weeks use, there still was no internal movement.   The case feels almost invisible on the device and their engineers made it fit the Z10 like a glove! Furthermore it has the slightest rubber coating on the case, so that it really gives it a solid grip, almost like what we are used to with the textured battery door, when using the device naked. Even the cut outs for the ports feel natural, and they do not collect dust or pocket lint.

 The case has been in and out of my pocket for the better half of a week, with keys and loose change, and it has not accumulated one scratch.  The case really impressed me!  Now if you are not one to carry your device in your pocket, they also have a great swivel holster which clips the device in nicely, using a top locking clip.  I repeatedly walked in to the side of my kitchen table, and the device did not fall out once, now just don’t tell my wife that is how the corner got so dinged up.

IMG_00000751_hdrIf you’re the user who likes to keep their device a little more protected, the Seidio ACTIVE is the way to go.  It has the classic two step coverage, first a rubber bumper, then a plastic shell that keeps everything in place.  It really makes the device feel secure, and a little extra insurance if you drop it.  Siedio also threw in a little bonus, a kickstand on the back.  I used it a few times while at work watching Netflix, don’t tell the boss.  But it worked as intended, and keeps the device at the perfect angle, even under heavy fluorescent lights.  Having a case with some extra protection make me feel a lil cocky, so I did a few drop tests, 3ft, 4.5ft anf 6ft.  The device seemed to always land on a lower corner, and with the rubber bumper, was full protected.  The case also did not scuff at all (Drops were on hardwood).

IMG_00000762_hdrWith the ACTIVE case, it was a little bulkier, so it always didn’t feel comfortable in my pocket, and same as the SURFACE, has an available holster.  It has the same great top locking clip that kept the device safe and stable the whole time.  It also didn’t create too much extra weight on my belt, and sometimes I would be looking for my phone, and realize that it was on my hip and feel like a goof.

IMG_00000757A little added bonus of this case is that I removed the hard plastic shell, and used it with just the bumper for a day or two. I know this isn’t what Seidio had in mind when they designed this case, but it worked out really well. The rubber bumper fits the phone so well, and it never even started to come off.  It is kind of like getting two cases in one.

IMG_00000754_hdrOverall Seidio has really made some good cases for the Z10.  The quality really shows, and it is the same quality that Seidio has been known for. The only thing I would have liked to see is that they would come with screen protectors. You can grab either of their cases at a local retail outlet in your area, or at the Seidio Store online from $29.95 and $34.95 respectively , they have multiple colours available and some other styles as well. You definitely will not be let down!

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  1. I came really, really close to buying the Surface Combo a few weeks ago. The top clip on the holster is what stopped me. I do a lot of climbing in and out of vaults and other tight spaces and was worried I would catch it on something and lose the Z. I ended up with a DualPro and Tech21 horizontal holster to be safe. The sideways wearing has taken a little getting used to but ultimately I feel more secure. I may, after seeing this, get a Surface anyways for the weekends. Thanks, Ricky. Great review

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