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BlackBerry Q10 Has Been Unleashed, Find Out What The Reviews Are Saying


If you are in the UK, then you are able to get your hands on the BlackBerry Q today! That is, if the Q10 is your Type. Canada will follow next week and the other countries thereafter. Hopefully the US will be soon, so I won’t have to wait too long. The BlackBerry Q10 is the other sibling of the BlackBerry Z10 that many have been waiting for: the classic iconic BlackBerry Q10. Now that it’s finally gracing us with it’s presence, the reviews have started coming in on what the techs think about the Q10. 

CNet praises the keyboard, long life battery and the message handling capability all incorporated into the BlackBerry OS 10.1.

The New York Times has stated that there’s no other phone on the market that offers a better combination of speed and text accuracy.

Mashable states: “is the best keyboard phone you can buy today. It’s a gorgeous piece of hardware with state-of-the-art smartphone technology, which the keyboard interacts with in some very useful ways. QWERTY keyboard fans will really enjoy the Q10 — even more since it ships with BlackBerry 10.1, the latest software.”

TechCrunch says the Q10 “…is the phone that’s more deserving of the “flagship” moniker for the new BlackBerry fleet.”

Engadget states that the Q10 is unquestionably the best keyboard phone on the market and that the battery when put to the test lasted 9 hours and 35 minutes, which is an hour and 20 minutes longer than the Z10.

The Associated Press states: “…the new BlackBerry Q10 from Research In Motion Ltd. is a successful marriage of the modern touch-screen smartphone and the iconic BlackBerry keyboard”. And about the new OS 10, they say the following: “The new operating system is a welcome change, not just for BlackBerry users. It’s very quick to get around the phone, and it seldom leaves me baffled the way many incarnations of Android do. It’s laser-focused on giving you access to email, texts and other means of communication, as opposed to music, movies and games.” They also touch on the Peek and Hub.

The Wall Street Journal states that the BlackBerry OS system is responsive and fun to use and the browser is super fast. They also note that the Q10 lacks the trackpad the Bold had, but in three days it was no longer missed.

The Globe and Mail states that it’s insanely fast.

The Telegraph has stated that the Q10 is the best keyboard phone. It also says that the Q10 has the advantage of the larger battery, smaller screen and the keyboard. Because of the battery and the smaller screen, this means less battery drain which is very important for business customers. It also elaborates on the “Instant Actions”.

Mobile Syrup states the Q10 is simply has the best hardware keyboard ever designed, has a fantastic speaker, and is HD voice enabled, is a great phone, and the best BlackBerry ever, and a fantastic communication tool.

Our own BerryReview’s Ronen also gave his insight and very through review of the Q10 and compared it to the 9900, letting us see the features and all the views of the Q10.

Laptop Magazine also has great things to say about the excellent physical keyboard with feedback from the keys being superb. Laptop also says that the OS 10.1 is a multi-tasker’s dream.

Mobiledia states: “With BBM, you can video chat with friends. And if you connect with Skype, BB10 lets you run multiple apps at once. That means you can check your e-mail or play a game without closing your chat. Multitaskers can rejoice — this feature alone gives BlackBerry a leg up on the competition.”

There’s more too you can read at Inside BlackBerry.

So between the obvious of the keyboard and the OS 10.1, and the feel of the device, they also talk about the camera and “Time Shift” feature. I noticed that while you see Balance mentioned, I don’t see too much on BlackBerry Remember or Story Maker which are two great features of the OS I think are amazing yet get overlooked.

What makes the Q10 so appealing?

First it’s the bigger and better. It’s larger and wider than “legacy” BlackBerry qwerty keyboard devices. The room for error has been closed even more. While I adore my BlackBerry Z10, and since the leaks I’ve come to love the virtual keyboard even more with OS 10.1, but it’s still not the same as my 9930’s keyboard which I sometimes miss.

The Q10 sports the largest battery any BlackBerry has ever had, a whopping 2100 mAh sized. This gives you the ability to run almost all day on one single battery. One thing I can say is that my Z nearly makes it to the end of my workday before I have to change out the battery. I can only imagine how much nicer it would be to have my BlackBerry last all day not just a workday! This battery keeps the BlackBerry Q10 a maintained workhorse.

Shortcuts with Type and Go, with the BlackBerry Q10, all you have to do is type call Jane Doe or BBM Luis, and the Q10 instinctively follows your commands. Short, sweet and to the point!

The design of the Q10 is precise, light, and made to last. The back is crafted from from a unique glass weave material which is lighter and more durable than even plastic. A machined stainless steel frame surrounds the phone and there’s a durable black coating so chips and scratches are less of a worry.

It has BlackBerry 10.1. The amazing OS on a device that has a few tricks of it’s own. It’s not just an operating system, it’s a mobile solution.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my BlackBerry Z10 but the BlackBerry Q10 is so intriguing and sought after because of it’s symbol with the Qwerty keyboard, the shortcuts on the keyboard, and the battery size capable of making this machine everything it’s built up to be.

CIO’s Al Sacco stated he’s taking his time with the review of the Q10, but he does a great job in elaborating on the comparison and the specs of the device. This will let you see comparison side by side of the Q10, Z10, and 9900.

Of course the BlackBerry Z10 has that beautiful screen size that is amazing too, but you can’t get the 15 hrs of talk time on it like you can the Q10. And the keyboard is amazing on 10.1, sometimes it’s the comfort of the physical Qwerty keyboard that allows you to fly while typing on the go.

The BlackBerry Q10 takes Action to a whole new level.

Are you waiting for the BlackBerry Q10? What feature has you waiting for it the most? We want to know!


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  1. In May it will be 3 years with my 9650 and am more than ready for the “Q” on Sprint.

  2. I really hope the gets BB10 momentum moved up a couple of notches higher.

    When is the US launch?

  3. I really really really wanted the Q when talk first came out about the new devices. Like many people I picked up the Z when the BB100 units hit the market. At first I thought I had jumped the gun and should have waited but after several weeks with my Z I think I did good. Why? First, without a trackpad the only real advantage the Q has is the physical kb. Second, the increased screen size on the Z makes more sense now that navigation is done on screen. And since that is the case you might as well have all the screen you can get. Now, the Q does look like and probably feels more like our standard beloved Berry but does that really matter anymore? I’m not sure it does. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to check out the Q but being an AT&T customer that’s liable to be months still. All things being nearly equal on the two units I think the Z is probably the better for me.

  4. The small screen is definitely an issue on the Q10, for anything outside of the PIM suite. I’ve always considered my qwerty to be my primary work device, but I’m starting to wonder if a Curve wouldn’t be enough for these sort of tasks. It’s best to have a 2nd device to play with and there, nothing beats a Galaxy S4 or even a Note 2 is you have large pockets or man/handbag. I’m looking forward for something like the Aristo or the new screen that BB will announce at Live.

    A first fix for the Q10 would be something like Air View or bezel scroll, so that we’re not masking the screen while scrolling.

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