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BB10 PC Outlook Sync Brings Outlook Two Way Sync Functionality To Your BB10 Device!


One of the more popular questions or concerns regarding the BlackBerry 10 devices so far have been about syncing with Outlook. BlackBerry has promised to bring the feature shortly and it seems like they are almost there. Still Outlook sync is a key feature that many businesses had come to rely on due to it being simple, secure, and cloud-free. Until BlackBerry releases the new BlackBerry Link with 2 way contact sync we have BB10 PC Outlook Sync.

This is the excerpt from the Business Wire regarding the announcement:

The first low-cost tool for secure two-way USB synchronization of Microsoft® Outlook® and BlackBerry® Z10, Q10, PlayBook, and other BB10 OS devices is being offered by Their PC Outlook Sync app, and accompanying BB10Sync PC software, synchronizes Standalone and Exchange Outlook via USB to B10 Contacts, Calendar, and Remember (Tasks and Notes).

The software solution states that there is no Exchange or Cloud necessary to sync with Outlook. Keep synchronized with the BlackBerry 10 devices and a USB cable. What Syncs two ways?

The Outloook Contacts sync to BB10 Hub Contacts

  • Name
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Street addresses 
  • Notes
  • Birthdays 
  • Contact Photos

Outlook Calendar syncs to the BB10 Hub Calendar

  • Calendar event details
  • Recurring calendar events
  • Alarms/reminders
  • Busy/free settings
  • Accepted meeting invites

Outlook Tasks syncs to BB10 Remember app

  • Task details
  • Due dates

Outlook Notes syncs to the BB10 Hub Remember app

  • Note details

Everything is synced via the usb cable so your information is secure and safe, not being transferred online or to a cloud. There is also a 90-day money back guarantee with your purchase. So the Outlook sync for BlackBerry 10 devices is available, so if that’s what’s holding your up with grabbing your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10, don’t worry. If you use Outlook and need the sync, the following options are available.

There are three versions of the license available:

Single User License for one computer, priced at $24.99

Family Pack License for up to three computers in a household, priced at $39.99

Business Pack License for up to five computers in an office for $99.99

For more information, check out BB10 PC Outlook Sync here

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  1. This is great but is this just a write-up of what the software claims to do? Have you (or anyone else here for that matter) actually given this software a whirl to see that it does what it claims and does it well? Just wondering.

  2. Trouble is – it doesn’t work! I have wasted time and money on this software.

  3. I am on my second try syncing my BB10 with this software and it seems to have hung at the point where is was deleting the old data on the BB, it’s been there for 16hrs +. I filed a ticket with support, twice, but so far the only response is that the first sync can take a while (they said 2.5 hrs), but it’s been more than 16 for me. I’m going to give it 24hrs and then I’m going to kill it again and ask for my money back. I had great hopes for this solution, but am very disappointed so far.

    • In past, on a variety of Blackberry devices … I have had to initiate the synch in steps … ie: only 250 contacts at a time until all 2,806 were there … only 12 months or 500 calendar events at a time until everything from 2005 forward was there … it means creating off-line storage files for items which must be removed and the replaced … once it’s all there I have not had problems keeping things up to date going forward … it seems that most synch products have a “time-out” switch and if the task can’t be completed within that time it hangs (bad programming I know but common problem) … try breaking your Outlook Data down into chewable size chunks … Good Luck … Please let me know if this works … it will help me in my decisions w/r/t new phone …

  4. oh, and I couldn’t get the “free trial” to work, so ended up buying the licence, hopefully their promise of getting my money back is true/works.

  5. I have tried deleting and re-installing the software. Still no sync after a couple of hours – no sign of any movement! My old BB Bold used to sync instantaneously.. Lack of native sync is likely to be a killer for Blackberry.

  6. Yes, I did that too. The only thing I haven’t done is tried clearing all the data from the BB and starting over. It’s a pain to set-up all my email and social media apps again, so have been holding off on trying that, but it’s now been “syncing” for over 24hrs and there’s been no progress in that time (it did progress for the first 45 minutes or so, but not since then). I haven’t had any further response from the support team to the two messages I have sent.

    Time to ask for my money back, and hope that BB eventually comes out with a native sync that works. And yes, I agree with you, lack of native sync is going to be a killer for BB.

  7. The Z10 and particularly the Q10 are expensive phones to begin with. Now we have to pay $25-$40 on top of the $250 2-year contract fee just to use Outlook the way it is supposed to be on BlackBerry, i.e., native to the system and included in the purchase price of the device and the software? Whether or not this third-party software works or not, the more important point is that BlackBerry made serious miscalculations in its introduction of BB10, and that will lead to its demise. It took a very long time to generate a product. It then generated a product (the Z10) that is merely an obvious but clumsy imitation of the iPhone. It sneered at the brand loyalty of 80 million users by creating a me-too smartphone that the vast majority of its user did not want. There was no keyboard. There was no Outlook. Two critically grave miscalculations on the part of the BlackBerry marketing team. Those who like the tradition BlackBerry want a keyboard and they want Outlook. The Q10 may address the first, but like the Z10, it fails to address the second. It is a sad day in cyberspace when the only company that is actually still supporting USB, non-cloud synchronization with Outlook on its smartphones is Apple. But if so, and as much as I dislike the finger-touch interface of the iPhone-Android New Telephonic Order, then my brand loyalty will shift to Apple. BlackBerry, adieu.

  8. Blackberry has always been a business phone. It looks like they have followed everyone else, chasing the social media BS. I’m betting this is a
    Companionlink program, which I have NEVER had work correctly. Come on Blackberry, stand behind your customers and update the Blackberry sync program.

  9. I’ve been using Blackberry Devices since they were Beta Testing an “Email Pager” back in the mid ’90s. I am a LOYAL Supporter … I’ve been comparing the Z10, Galaxy 4 & Lumina 920 to choose my platform for the coming years (Apple not an option for me) … Losing Two-Way USB Synch with Outlook (I LIVE (or die) by Outlook) would be a show stopper … No Cloud, No third party apps, no fuss !!! … Just me and my USB (I’d accept Bluetooth) … Surely this is not so tough that any BB10 programmer worth his salt can’t put it together and ship it as a “Link” update before anyone can say “Abandon Ship” !!! … Tick – Tock – Tick – Tock …

  10. I’ve had a measure of success using an email account to sync calendars wirelessly. Not perfect, but functional. I’ll try contacts next. Nevertheless I agree with Guy!

  11. On another chat site, someone made the point that since BlackBerry 10 is a new operating system, they can’t just keep what they already had that worked – they have to design something NEW that works like the old thing worked. That’s why this is taking so long.

    BlackBerry has said they’ll get this fixed by at least the end of the year (i.e., 12/31/2013) and I figure – and certainly hope – it probably won’t be that long. As everybody points out, this has to be hurting the company, so they almost have to be seriously working on it. I think it’s probably just more complicated to fix (i.e., to write totally new code, on a new OS, for) than you’d expect.

    Obviously, yes, BlackBerry should have realized the need for this BEFORE the launch – i.e., yes, they screwed up on this – but all they can do now is work on fixing it as quickly as possible, and meanwhile getting the best temporary fix out to people that they can manage. Which they seem to be doing.

    I can be calmer than most people about this problem because I got the Z10 the minute it was available to me, but I didn’t wipe my data off my old BlackBerry until I was sure everything worked on the Z10. So when I couldn’t get the Z10 to USB sync with Outlook, I returned it within the 2-week period so I could get my money back and went back to my dinosaur BlackBerry where at least everything works. It sounds like sales are doing well enough that when the fix is available BlackBerry will still be in business, thank God, and I can buy a Z10 or a Q10 then.

    But of course this option – waiting it out with your old phone – isn’t available to most of the other people writing in, so I hope things improve soon. Just like everybody else writing here, I want a new BlackBerry that USB syncs with Outlook now!

    • Hi Mary,

      That is actually a pretty spot on description of what is going on. Hopefully we will have the update sooner rather than later. I just know it has to be tested every way from sunday before release.

      • Any idea why BB has not issued a “press release” or commented on their web site???
        Sounds like marketing is doing a very poor job in this regard.

  12. RIM, how could you release a new product, the Blackberry Z10, when it lacks the most basic function of two way syncing with Outlook. Worse, why does it take so long to fix this problem. Outlook must be one the most commonly used pieces of software on the planet. Your old models had this functionality. How can you hope to compete when you cannot fix something so fundamental.

  13. Well, for starters, people on other websites say the Z10 DOES sync with Outlook just fine, and always has. The problem for a lot of users like me (which, yes, BlackBerry should have foreseen and didn’t) is that it only syncs over the web. Apparently it’s only if you want a USB (non-web) sync that you have all these problems.

    So, yes, if that’s what you want (it’s certainly what I want), then this isn’t real great, but it’s not like the company was completely idiotic, either. Be fair. They got a lot of things right. No brand-new operating system – from anybody, as far as I know – has come out yet that didn’t have some bugs in it. And they take time to fix because it IS a brand-new operating system.

    Now I sound like Pollyanna, sorry. Did I read somewhere that this may be fixed within a month or 6 weeks? That would sure be nice if so.

  14. Sorry, but this software has too many problems! First it created duplicates of contacts and then duplicated email addresses within records; it also duplicated phone numbers in to phone fields that were previously not used. Even name fields were messed up: “Bob Jones” became “Bob Jones Jones Jones Jones”. After fixing all the errors in the contact data in Outlook on my PC, I tried to resync using the option to purge the (damaged) contacts on the Z10 and just load the (fixed) Outlook data. The software purged all of the Z10 contacts but would not load the Outlook contacts to the Z10. These problems were not resolved with the May 7th application update, nor was it resolved with a reboot of both the Z10 and the PC. I’ve submitted the various issues and am waiting for a solution.

  15. I spent a couple of weeks working with this software but I finally seem to have the issues resolved after dealing with tech support, I did seem to have a few duplicates in my facebook contacts on the BB10, I deleted them and they didn’t come back with the next sync. There are new versions/service packs for the software for both the PC and the BB10. What finally seemed to make the difference for me was deleting the misc\android\clusb folder on the BB10 and reinstalling(after uninstalling) the software on both the BB10 and my computer. I hope this helps someone else.

  16. The outlook calendar did work as well. So far it has only been 2 days but the syncing has worked both ways.

  17. I don’t use the note feature and couldn’t find it on the BB so if you tell me where to look for it on the BB I will test it for you.

    • I think it’s called Remember. It puts your Outlook Notes into a folder called Unfiled Entries, although you can make other folders and move them to those.

      If you leave all your notes in Unfiled Entries (the default), will they sync with Outlook?

      Beyond that, if you move your notes to other Remember folders, will they still sync with Outlook? I have several hundred notes (feels like, anyway), so I’d love to use the folder-sorting thing if possible.

      I can’t tell you much more about the Notes/Remember functions because I don’t actually have a BlackBerry 10 phone at the moment. I bought the Z10 the minute it my carrier came out with it, but at that time (March?) the Outlook-to-BlackBerry sync was awful. In my calendar, for example, the sync piled my entire past 6 or so years of entries higglety pigglety onto THIS year (2013).

      I struggled with duplicate entries in my Contacts (as you did, it sounds like) and the scrambled dates, and tried the fixes then available, but turned my phone in after 2 weeks. Except for Outlook, I loved the phone, but If I’d kept it longer I wouldn’t have been able to get my money back, and the Outlook thing was critical for me.

      Now I’m on the waiting list for the Q10. BUT: I don’t actually want to buy it (and start the 2-week trial period ticking) until I’m fairly sure the Outlook problem is fixed enough that I can live with it. So that’s why I’m asking you all these questions. Your answers have been really helpful – thanks.

  18. I tried putting something into Remember in my BB and somes notes in Outlook on the computer but I am not seeing them sync. I might not be looking in the right spot, but I’m not seeing them there. The software description says it should but it didn’t seem to for me.

    • Thanks so much for checking! If the notes don’t sync, that’s not great for me, but thinking it over, I mostly just use the notes in my phone, so I think I can manage using copy and paste when necessary. But it’s really nice to know ahead of time, and not have to find it out after I get the phone.

      If just the calendar and contacts sync I think I’ll be okay.

      Thanks again so much for your help. If your experience is typical, it sounds like when the phone is available in June I can pick it up and maybe get the major issues worked out before the trial 2-week period ends – meaning I can keep the phone! That would be really nice.

  19. Glad I was able to help, let me know how it works for you when you get it.

  20. Thanks, I will.

  21. I agree with Brett Howard post, on May 15. This is a fundamental screw-up by Blackberry. I am not a techie. If I buy a expensive new smartphone, I need it to integrate with Outlook, one of the most widely-used programs out there, right away. Otherwise, I can’t get emails etc, basically can’t carry on business. I can’t spend weeks trying convoluted fixes. My email set-up, so far as I know, is the same as millions of other business users. I bought the Q10 specifically because I am a non-techie middle-aged busy guy who wants the buttons like on the old Blackberry Bold etc. Put me and the millions of other non-techie customers just like me through integration hell, Blackberry, and we will vote with our feet.

  22. I have all the same issues and share many of the comments & frustrations. On top of that, I purchased the BB10 PC Outlook Sync and cannot get it to work properly. First try and it deleted over 1200 of my contacts (BB and PC). Fortunately I had backed them up prior to trying it. The Calendar sync did not work….??? Second try, nothing synced…. I contact Customer Support 3 times over the last 5 days and have NOT had 1 response. Their concern & level of service ranks right up there with BB..!!!!

    • I did exactly the same and had the same problems. I got my money back. Still waiting for BlackBerry to come up with native sync.

  23. After reading all this, I can’t wait for the BB to find time in their busy schedules to figure this out. I just bought my Q10 a day or so ago, with a 30 day return policy. I hoped this “new” BB would be a game changer for he positive, I guess not. Time to return Q10 and sell the stock!

    • I have a Blackberry Torch and I am due for an upgrade, but holding off! I use Tasks and notes all the time and am disappointed that the new BB10’s do not sync those. I consider myself a loyal BB user, but am rethinking now, because one can sync contacts and calendar with most any phone. So what is BB10 advantage?

  24. Why i cannot sync my q10 with outlook account? I have configured my enterprise account on both (q10 and outlook), connect device to PC, choose 2 way sync, press sychronize calendar. Its says that all success, but my enterprise email calendar is not synced. I found that this sync work just then on q10 i create a new event not as my enterprise account but with “computer name” link account, then sync works! How to sync my enterprise account calendar?

  25. BlackBerry has now released the new version of BlackBerry Link with USB sync for Outlook calendar and contacts.

  26. No need anyhow as BlackBerry has launched USB sync with the new version of BlackBerry Link.

    • I have the new version of BB Link and had two way sync for a couple days…it has not worked for over a month. My Z10 will not sync for they seem to think it has something to do with my profile pictures.

    • It does not work, they still have work to do. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version with no improvement. I am stuck only using my bb calendar because I can’t sync the data to my outlook calendar.

      i agree with earlier boggers, BB missed the boat by releasing the product without clean sync capability.

  27. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for you. Mine works like a charm with Outlook…….

  28. Have you changed the BlackBerry 10 Calendar settings in Link? Sounds like you are still using “local” Calendar on your BlackBerry. If so, it will only since one way (computer to BlackBerry). Mine worked that way until I changed settings in Link.

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