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BlackBerry Awarded Patent for “Torch-Like” Portrait Keyboard Slider

BlackBerry Slider Patent

I have been waiting to hear more about BlackBerrys plans for a portrait keyboard slider like the current BlackBerry Torch models. BlackBerry has so far revealed its plans for a full touch and QWERTY keyboard model but the Torch style slider is conspicuously missing. We heard rumors about such a device before but they did not pan out. Now Engadget spotted a USPTO document where BlackBerry was awarded a patent for a portrait keyboard slider for a filing made in December 2011. This model sort of looks like a Z10 with a slider.

Now we can only speculate but I would really want a slider… I used to love my Torch.

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  1. I’m with you. A full screen device like the Z10 coupled with one of the best keyboards known to Mobile Mankind would be the penultimate Blackberry (IMHO).

    Just saying.

    In the meantime: I love my Z10. Much more than I thought I would having come from a 9810.

  2. I would be VERY tempted

    The concept of a slider is very appealing

  3. unfortunately the Q line is a mistake, at the moment, as developers have to reconfigure their apps from Z to Q with a completely different screen resolution.

    BB needs more apps, not more version of the same app. reconfiguring an app takes a lot of time.

    Instead, BB should have done a slider of Z10. As a temporary measure to bring a keyboard to the market, while keeping their platform homogenous.

    • The problem is that they needed a keyboard device for all those customers who still rely on BES to do business and it was best to start with a flagship device than a Curve.

      But I fully agree with you on the lack of apps and the time it takes to reconfigure existing ones. Lots of Android apps will not work or look awful. I guess the app generator will save the day 😉

  4. So in 2011, BlackBerry applied for a patent on the phone they released in 2010?

    I am confused…

  5. I’m glad they’re keeping the slider concept alive. Blackberry now can lay claim to making the best all touch screens, qwerty and sliders in the market today; and possibly “Phablots” as well. All they have to do is increase the lenght of the qwerty and it will be perfect.

  6. Was just thinking today that I would love for the Dev Alpha C to be pimped up into a slider. Keep the indestructible look and release a futuretro slider.

  7. Folks are gonna want this thing to have battery life on par with the Z10, and from a physical perspective i just can’t see that happening.

    I would hold out for one of these, but just go word my company is not upgrading our BES. So looks like my 9930 is the end of my BlackBerry road that started with a 6750. 🙁

    • Thankfully there is no need for a BES on BlackBerry 10 🙂

      • Very true. But this thing is vapor and like I said I have serious concerns it could have any sort of decent battery life. I just have to decide if I just keep my 9930, as I’m not sure the premium BlackBerry wants for the Q10 over the competition is worth it. Without BES, and since I have an Android already for my 2nd phone (so Z10 is not worth considering really), is it worth spending $250 for what I see as only a minor step forward. Plus I really hate the straight row Q10 keyboard versus the uber-nice 9930.

        • What thing is vapor? The Q10? BES 10? You really will actually find the keyboard on the Q10 beats the 9900. I was surprised by that since I used to really like the curve. They essentially fixed it by spreading out the keys while making them more angled.

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