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Viira GTD Launches on BlackBerry 10 With Free Trial

Viira BlackBerry 10 Viira BlackBerry 102

Viira has long been synonymous with David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) framework on BlackBerry. Now that experience has carried over to BlackBerry 10 with their latest release. It allows you to consolidate your email, appointments, events, sms, projects, and contexts into one supersized task and project management app. Features for the app include:

  • Keep 100% of your commitments in a trusted portable GTD® system that is always at your fingertips.
  • Organize your tasks, emails, appointments and SMS messages by project, context (location) and even day.
  • Support for multiple contexts: tag a task with as many contexts as you like
  • In-Basket: Designed for the collection phase of GTD®, Viira’s In-Basket lets you quickly add tasks, reminders and to-dos for later classification.
  • Designate Next Actions for each project, context or day – Next Actions view shows the list of all actionable items for what it’s "do time".
  • Fast Search: quickly find the task you are looking for with Viira’s fast search ext.
  • Action Links. Embed actionable links in you Viira tasks! Viira automatically detects and highlights phone numbers, email addresses and website links. Call, send an email or view a link by simply clicking on it!
  • No network connection required so you can stay productive in areas with little or no coverage – And so much more!

Check out the free trial of Viira here along with the paid version for $19.99. I have not had a chance to fully put it through the paces but hopefully it will live up to its predecessor.

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  1. The only things it’s missing are:
    #1: secure backups
    #2: secure sync between devices/desktop

  2. Yeah hopefully Chris will round it out like the original

  3. ofutur, both are coming very soon. For the desktop/BB10 sync we will start with a cloud-based version of the Viira Outlook Suite for BlackBerry 10 which will sync between our Outlook plugin (which offers the same features as Viira but on Outlook) and Viira for BB10. The cloud-synced BB10-Outlook solution will be coming out over the next couple of months so stay tuned!

    • Thanks 🙂
      Make sure you add a secure option which encrypts the encryption at rest key with our device password so that nobody but the user can read it.
      Very few cloud or task apps do it and it’s the only way to guarantee a basic level of privacy/security.

    • Chris I will continue to search and try to understand this but if you get this can you tell me:
      I have Exchange/outlook w/ active sync etc.
      Remember on the Q10 and Z10 is just terrible.
      Will Viira now sync w/ desktop tasks with the plugin or do we need to wait for the next solution?

  4. For implementing GTD you can use this application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  5. newportironman, I completely agree with you, remember doesn’t have a lot to offer and sync between bb and outlook isn’t what it used to be.

    We are actively working on a cloud sync that will sync wirelessly between the Viira Outlook plugin and Viira for BlackBerry 10. The sync will be completely cloud-based so you won’t need Exchange for it. The current version of the Viira Outlook Suite can sync over BES and Exchange but it works with BB OS 5 though 7.

    When BlackBerry offers a more feature-rich Remember and Outlook sync via link we stand ready to offer our Exchange-based sync on BB10 but until then the cloud sync service will be the way to go.

    We are doing another update to Viira for BB10 later on this week to add reminders, touchscreen re-ordering and few other ‘goodies’ to the feature list, and after that we will focus all our energies on rolling out the cloud sync beta. Stay tuned!

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