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A Closer Look At OS 10.1 And What’s in Store


Yesterday I couldn’t wait to download and install the leaked OS on my BlackBerry Z10. I know that many of us have been anxiously waiting for it. I have delved into the settings, features and apps to see what’s been enhanced and what’s still lacking. I’m going to go through the pros and cons.

First off the download takes some time and not everyone has been able to back up their Z. That for me was a con. However installation is fast, restoring took a little time. Set up goes fast. You want to set up first then restore. I have found it best to delete my email and social accounts after restoring and readd them. That method worked best for me.  My contacts came through niecely and my apps saved their data.

The few apps in question are Adobe and BlackBerry Bridge. Adobe works but will not update and BlackBerry Bridge does not install back on. These were neither pros nor cons because Adobe works and since the Bridge was taken down to a bare minimum with the Z, I found myself not using my Bridge like I did with the 99xx series.


Contacts have been given a a new enhancement. You can now select and customize ring tones for your Contacts. I really missed this feature. I like making sure those who communicate with me most often have their own tune so I know when it’s them. That was a huge pro for me.





The browser is blazing fast. I was very impressed with the speed. The music player is enhanced as well. The calculator has been revamped and enhanced as you can see. There are two calculator modes, tip calculator, and the converter. I noticed Voice Control works great, Compass and GPS do too. The camera now has the added feature of HDR.



Besides all those I have mentioned the other feature that really makes all the difference for the BlackBerry Z10 is the enhanced virtual keyboard. words show up in the bottom in green as auto correct or suggestion and there’s still flick but the keyboard is really slick and easier to use.



10.1 is definitely like the OS grown up. The pros far outweigh the cons of this update. I was considering the BlackBerry Q at times because the keyboard was hard for me to adjust to but with this update I’m content and happily surprised.

BerryWeather maps do not display correctly, I’ve heard of random reboots, and unable to send or receive texts. The only one of those I could verify was the BeWeather maps.. I haven’t seen a reboot nor texts issues. Calls work great, BBM video works fantastic, and BBM. If you have installed the leak, please share with us any new features you’ve found or any issues you’ve found as well.

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  1. – I’ve had one random reboot this morning.
    – I’ve had one situation where I woke up and the phone was off. Otherwise…
    – I can now add back my homescreen bookmarks.
    – The eyeglass for typing is bigger and looks different.
    – There is now an option for BlackBerry Protect.
    – There is now a homescreen shortcut for Search
    – Verizon boot screen is different.

  2. The tip and unit calculators look like they took a step back in terms of UI. I much prefer the current look.

  3. Also, you can currently customize contact notifications (Phone Ringer & Message Alerts) in the Contacts app.

  4. I wonder how the voice control has been improved? Can you cache locations on Blackberry navigation app. Also, can you put more than 16 apps in a folder. I really like the look of the compass, calculator and low light pictures. The Z10 keeps getting better and better.

  5. I wish on Maps they would give an option to track up or north up.

  6. poop i forgot to back up my phone first lol oops

  7. Hmm. Also just found that i can’t access payment options through settings.

  8. I’ve also noticed the improvements in the browsing speed. I just really hope someone comes up with a better, more flexible Chrome for that engine.

    On the down side, the VPN panel is still pathetic and BB needs to do a better job at letting us arrange our home screens. Even OS7 does a better job, thanks to the menu button.
    Oh, and I’m still waiting for widgets or pinnable activeframes and for multi-touch select 🙂

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