Forgot your password? Leaks for the BlackBerry Z10

Z10-10-620x360I wanted to post this last night,but wanted to get it on my device first to make sure it was legit and stable.  And it has been.   This is the first full 10.1 leak that we have seen, after Ronen posted the links to the developer preview the other day.  There are some nice improvements to they keyboard and predictive text as well as the HDR Camera.  If you are brave enough to install it (it really isnt that bad) you can find the links below.

Let us know in the comments how you like it and some changes you have seen! And please remember to back up your device as you will lose everything during the process.

Installation Instructions if needed:

Turn off your BlackBerry Z10.

Run the file that you just extracted.

Connect your Z10 to your usb cable and quickly turn it on.

The autloader should connect to your Z10 and start the process.

Sit back, have a coffee or a tea and wait until the process is finished.

When the autoloader has written 100%, the program will terminate and the window will close.

Disconnect your BlackBerry Z10 and wait for it to reboot.

Your BlackBerry Z10 will now be in the position that it was in when you purchased it, so set it up as you normally would.

Source and Installation Instructions: RapidBerry

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  1. No STL100-1 🙁

  2. A shame it’s not the full version of the retail version.

    • It seems to be the full retail version. This is not the cut down developer version.

      I have been using it for 3 days and it is solid.

      Also, I have a ‘Limited Edition’ Z10 which is a 100-3 and it loaded fine. Which special edition were you making mention of

  3. It’s a full version, but not “retail” in the sense that it’s older than what will ship with the Q10.
    So devs have to choose between older-full and gold-limited.

    And most devs in Europe are getting the older/slower 100-1.

  4. When upgrading, is there any carrier/vendor specific things that must be done?

    • no, it connects to the bootloader, it is just click and run

      • If it keeps all the vendor settings, then why does BB only allow upgrades via the carrier?

        • Carriers release the OS’s not BlackBerry.

          An OS update will never be authorized by BlackBerry, and forced to a carrier.

          A carrier receives an OS, tests it, and then will say to BlackBerry that we are ready to move forward with this OS.

          BlackBerry 10 is a whole different files system and operating system. There will be no more need to delete Vendor.XMLs. The loading is also a lot different because these new OS’s are not Java based like in the past.

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