Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker Review


It amazes me how much power and technology can be packed in to small electronics these days.  Take the Veho 360 Bluetooth speaker for example, the unit is basically 2 1/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Allows for Bluetooth connectivity, line in, and as an added bonus, it will read MP3 files off a micro SD card.

First lets start with whats in the box. It comes with the charging cable, no ac adapter so it must be charged via USB , or if you have any older Mini “B” USB chargers kicking around.  Also they include a soft carrying case, to keep it protected while on the go.   The manual that comes with it, just gives instructions on functionality, and how to pair it to your phone.  The bonus I was not expecting was a male-male cable for line in. IMG_00000611

Turning it on and pairing it was a breeze, it connected to my Z10 in a matter of seconds.  It took a touch longer for the phone to realize it was an audio out, so the first few times I ran Slacker it was phone audio then speaker.

The audio controls worked as expected, and had the same functionality as the media buttons.  This means that with the normal media player they functioned as they are supposed to, but in 3rd party applications they were unable to skip songs in Pandora and Slacker.  IMG_00000613

The audio on the unit took me by surprise.  I was expecting it to be a slightly higher quality than the built in phone speaker, but for high to mid range it really packed a punch!  The bass on the unit wasn’t too great, but for the size it wasn’t bad.  The speaker output was loud enough to fill my 500sq ft kitchen with sound while prepping meals.  The battery lasted a few hours too, which was really nice! blue-in-dark

Overall the speaker is of really good quality.  I would recommend it as a smart buy for someone looking to grab a very portable small bluetooth speaker.  Now there are some things that I would have like to see improved.  One, the bluetooth range.  If I got further than lets say 15 feet from it, it would go staticy.  Also, the choice of charging port, the Mini B plug would have been better as a Micro USB, as that is the industry standard. Grab one for yourself at MobileFun.  And don’t forget to check out all the other great accessories MobileFun has for your Z10

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  1. Ricky, good review. The only problem I have with this Bluetooth speaker is it looks cheap. If they make the design nicer, like X-mini or Jam, they might be able to sell more.

  2. This Veho 360 Bluetooth speaker is so good and the features you have described here are so good and attractive as well. I had a speaker like this earlier, but that was got damaged by one of my children so i now i am looking for a new one.

  3. Everything is getting smaller! At least in technology these days. I mean if we applied the same rate to other areas like cars, we’d be driving super computers to the moon.

    But ya I love the Veho 360, it’s a great piece and compliment to my bluetooth devices. Love it! Thanks for your review, it helped.


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