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BBM Broadcast Message “Select All” Returning in BlackBerry OS 10.1?

Select All Video

One of my favorite changes in BBM for BlackBerry 10 was the crippling of Broadcast Messages by requiring senders to select each contact they want separately. BlackBerry OS 7.1 did something similar but it still offered a “select all” option to bypass the limitation. Now a leaked video by Berry-WD (in Arabic) shows off BBM with the dreaded “Select All” option returning. I am not happy about this but from what I hear it is a much requested feature. Thanks Adham for the tip!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Broadcast messages:

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  1. I really hope not.

    And if it does, give me a switch to trigger receiving them off.

  2. Ronen, please explain your disapproval with BBM Broadcasts. Without this feature, folks managing large BBM Groups or people needing to send a vital message to all their friends (like a Facebook Wall post) cannot do so. It is a severe limitation to the BBM Social Networking platform.

    I would have liked to see BBM also manage text messages, but I understand why it’s not there – BBM is encrypyted where text messages are not. When sending messages, it would be difficult for folks to have to remember how their friends are receiving messages to ensure that privacy is maintained.

    • What I do not like in BBM 10 is combining sequential messages under one date and time! Dates and times of messages are important to maintain and that is lost with this grouping of sequential messages.

    • BB can handle text messages in BBM if they simply have an indicator to the sender what method of communication will be used. Perhaps some privacy icon besides the user photo (a padlock?) for BBM and nothing for text messages? I really don’t think those two apps should be independent.

      iOS handles this integration well to some point, but they don’t seem to care that the user isn’t aware that the receiver is receiving messages in plain text (via SMS).

    • I mostly don’t like the fact that I cannot disable the BBM Broadcasts. 99% of the broadcasts are useless yet they still alert me just like a BBM message. I also have no fine grain controls to mute certain people. It tends to get out of hand and is sort of like emailing all of your Facebook contacts at once or emailing everyone in your address book at once.

    • You’re only seeing this in one dimension, for majority contacts don’t use it like that, they broadcast total rubbish. There has to be some form opt-in/opt to receive broadcast messages from contacts, either individually or as a global option.

    • The reason for disapproval is all the previous global spam that has been going on since BBM on BBOS 5!

      “servers are shutting down” “pass this message around else bad luck” “send me your personal information to remain connected to BB services” etc etc. or anything similar.

      I too vote for fine tuned BBM Chat controls:
      Mute specific BBM users, or groups,
      Ability to Opt-out of broadcast messages,
      Ability to tag a sender as a SPAMMER – ultimately leading to BlackBerry as a company blocking them for several days/weeks/months or entirely. Provider support can clearly see that said person is blocked & way with examples. This removes any “I didn’t do it” excuses. s

  3. Wow, my first post! 🙂

  4. i think this is a good idea ( keep the select all )

    when i receive nice new broadcast message , i want to tell my friends in bbm list ( i have now nice bc , so ill show what i have ) then i use [select all ] , many people have more than 50 person in bbm list , how can i send bc to all person in a few second ? , just select all .. thats it and will done 🙂 , we happy coz select all is back now al person can buy Z10,Q10, coz is very easy to use bbm . thank you

  5. Sorry guys for all the spam on this post. I am not sure exactly who decided to keep on hammering the system with the same comments.

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