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Review: PowerSkin Battery Case With NFC for BlackBerry Z10

08-500x500PowerSkin is the first to market with a battery and case combo for the BlackBerry Z10. They sent us a sample for our review and I have to say I really like the way they manage to combine protection and extending battery life on the Z10.

IMG_00000508What you get in the box:

  • The small box contains 1 PowerSkin Case
  • A micro-USB for connecting, syncing and charging the Z10
  • Easy to follow user manual with QR scanner video links
  • Warranty card


The case is designed with a smooth texture, made of 100% recyclable silicon material that holds a 1500Ah rechargeable battery. The battery with the case does add some-what of a bulkiness to the device  and makes it a bit heavier. With the goal in mind they have done a good job ad making the device feel comfortable in your hands even though it adds to the overall size. The battery sits on the back of the case with a micro USB port for charging and a micro USB outlet to connect the Z10 to charge. The USB sits on the left side of the case that allows for easy connectivity to the Z10, and hides on a side pocket once the device is placed in to the case. The case also takes into consideration the side volume keys, and power button at the top by adding a definition to the case so that you can still control the device.  The back of the case has one power button that toggles on and off the power flow to your device. It also has a row of four blue LED lights that tell you how much power the case has remaining. Each light indicates a 25% power supply.

IMG-20120316-00030Features :

  • 1500Ah Capacity
  • 5V, 1A input spec
  • 5V, 1.3A output
  • Extend device usage up to 60% more
  • Product dimension  2.89(L) x 0.79(W) x 5.39(H) in
  • Weight 0.19 lbs
  • NFC equipped
  • Charges and syncs data at the same time

User experience:

The devices combines both power and protection in a sleek and comfortable case. One of the best parts is that you can carry the device in the case for protection and when you need the device to power-up all you have to do is turn on the power supply from the extra battery. The battery adds about 60% more juice to the Z10 and it does it while you still use the device. In my testing in took about 40 minutes to charge the device from around 9% to around 65-70% and is with some moderate use. That means that I was using some of the extra power while it was charging. Once the extra battery runs out it simply stops charging your device.

I’ve used similar products before and one of the things I don’t like is that either the device or the battery get hot when the battery is charging your device. I was pleased that most of the times while the Z10 is being charged the case doesn’t reach that uncomfortable temperature, you can still hold the device and use it while it is charging. That has not been the case on similar products I’ve used on my 9900.

Though one of the main features of the case is to extend battery life the case feels sturdy enough to add some good protection against accidental drops. No, I was not brave enough to test this part I like my Z10 too much, but incase it did happen am sure with the case it would decrease the chances of breaking my Z10.

Placing the Z10 inside the case is supper easy, first you hook the Z10 to he USB charging cable, and then place the Z10 inside and you are good to go. Simple and effortless. Taking the device out is just as easy, since the material is flexible.

The only con I would adds pricing and it does make the device a bit more bulky, but it is to be expected after all it is packing another battery inside. This design is one of the slimmest I’ve seen that adds an extra battery that is right there at all times when you need it without having the hassle to swap batteries.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the case directly from PowerSkin here.

The price is $79.99

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  1. Is the case enough to use as a skin in general for protection?
    Is the case retentive or just loose around the phone?

  2. A good review. I just received mine yesterday. I took advantage of the discount that was being offered at the time. It works great and though it adds a bit off weight and bulk it is still easy to handle and use one handed unless you have small hands. It also feels pretty good in the hand and the non-slip silicon surface is great, especially when using one handed.

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