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Viber Reconfirms Voice Support Coming in April to Legacy BlackBerrys

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Viber promised back in January that they would be releasing VoIP voice service support for their legacy BlackBerry Java device client in April. It is now April and a couple of BerryReview readers are getting impatient and have been asking Viber for an update. Thankfully Viber has confirmed to @Naveed in our comments that voice support is still coming on time. Here is exactly what they had to say:

We promised that Viber would be released during April, and we intend to live up to this promise 🙂
The release is very close now.

That should be reassuring. Viber has already confirmed that they have a BlackBerry 10 client in the works that will have voice support at release. Now I am just waiting to hear back when that is coming!

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  1. I am glad there are still developers that think about OS7 users. Definitely a developer worth supporting, even if the app is not going to be used all the time…

    I hope more devs continue supporting OS7.

  2. Thanks Viber 🙂 Wifey’s been asking about the update. Waiting we both are

  3. There is already a beta available to download through their website. Although for now it works only in OS5 and OS7.

  4. Why does Viber need to access to Personal Information on blackberry (which is identified as pretty much anything, including pictures, videos, music, emails, accounts, etc..
    I understand it needs access to phone, network, etc. but why personal information?
    I tried to disable it, it is refusing to run without that information.

  5. Hi,
    This is an official representative from Viber.

    We are happy to announce that the beta version of Viber for BB with calls has been released.

    Thank you for this article – we at Viber are just as excited as you are about our new beta release. We hope to release the official version very soon. 🙂

    We are here to receive feedback and questions directly from our users. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’d be happy to assist.

    Best regards,
    Viber Team

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