Goo Technologies Demo Shows Beauty of WebGL in BlackBerry 10 Browser

IMG_00000731 IMG_00000733

I have been waiting for WebGL to make its mark on the web with 3D environments loading without flash. In case you do not know WebGL allows web developers to tap into your computer or phones video card to offer accelerated 3D rendering. The DevBlog highlighted a beautiful example from GooTechnologies which is launching their WebGL Goo Engine soon for developers to speed up WebGL implementations. I am waiting for some full on games to start showing up for WebGL and BlackBerry 10 but until then check out the “Pearl Boy” demo on this website to see what it looks like on BlackBerry 10, PlayBook, or Google Chrome. Many of the other demos also work nicely.

Let us know if you spot any more HTML5+WebGL demos or better yet games out there!

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