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How to Access the BlackBerry 10 Engineering Screen


I was not brave enough to be the first person to post about how to access the BlackBerry 10 engineering screen (EScreen) when it was first discovered by users. Now that my buddy Bla1ze has broken the ice (thanks to the help of @nerdtalker, @N301DQ and makaveli86) I thought I would take the plunge. Last time we mentioned how to access the BlackBerry engineering screen we received quite a few comments and emails from users who should have just overlooked the instructions and functionality of the EScreen as being beyond their skills. With that said This is a warning that we take no responsibility for anything that happens to your phone or any other mishap that may happen. ALWAYS remember that on the Eighth day, even G-d made a backup. 🙂


The BlackBerry 10 Engineering Screen allows you to access some information and settings on your phone that even the most advanced users should use EXTREME caution before changing. On the other hand you can do really useful things like turn off LTE to save battery life using a setting in EScreen. In previous OS versions BlackBerry hid the EScreen in the “Help Me” screen. Now they have used the similar shortcut to the PlayBook in the BlackBerry 10 browser.


Here are the instructions on how to get it working:

  1. Fire up your BlackBerry 10 browser and type in escreen:// in the URL field
  2. This will fire up a dialog asking if you want to open the EScreen… Say yes
  3. The browser will then minimize and invoke the EScreen app in landscape orientation
  4. Go back to your browser or desktop browser and go to this link or this link to generate your EScreen unlock code. Just use the PIN, OS version, and uptime shown in the EScreen app. Select the number of days up to 30 that you wish the EScreen app to be unlocked for.
  5. When you get the final code go back to your BlackBerry 10 device in the EScreen app and swipe up from the bottom bezel with two fingers to open the keyboard
  6. Enter in the code you received from the generator and hit “go”
    NOTE: you will not see any indication that your code is being accepted until you enter it in fully. Once it accepts the code it will open the full EScreen app. If the code does not work make sure you entered or generated it correctly and try again.
  7. Proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!


Let us know how it goes! I would not change anything on any of those screens unless you know exactly what you are doing or are in great need of a paperweight.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer disclaims the disclamation of its disclaimancy and anything else you want to be disclaimed.

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  1. How about showing us how to turn LTE off and that’s it…

    • That way madness lies. I once tried doing a guide for the EScreen and I got so many questions from people who were screwing up their phones that I gave up. If you look at the first screenshot above you should be able to figure it out

  2. Is there a way to disable the cellular radio in the Z10 to prevent emergency calling when there is no sim card in the phone?

    I want to use a spare Z10 as a mini playbook, but don’t want my kids to call emergency services all the time.


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