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Google Rumored To Be In Talks to Acquire WhatsApp


We have been getting so many emails about this rumor so I decided to just post it up. DigitalTrends claims that WhatsApp is negotiating with Google for their acquisition for “close to a billion.” There really is no other details to go on other than this rumor but it does seem plausible since Google has yet to really enter the mobile messaging space beyond the desktop focused Google Talk. WhatsApp might give them the toe hold to jump right in. On the other hand it would probably be a nightmare to integrate…

What do you think?

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  1. Why not? Whatsapp scans your contacts to get their info, and getting information like that is what Google is all about.

    • Yeah I do agree that their total lack of respect for our privacy does fit in with Google’s philosophy

      • I’m really glad to hear folks having this conversation. It is amazing how many app developers are in the trojan business! I’m a developer myself, so I plead and challenge other developers to respect the privacy of their users.

        Unless the app warrants it, please stop:

        * tracking users device ID including your BB ID
        * downloading users contacts
        * sending and receiving files from users handhelds & tablets
        * sharing files, even from users personal dropbox,, google drive
        * tracking users location info

        What can the average user do about this? Protect yourself. Carefully review the application permissions when installing and using any app. You will have to decide what permissions the app needs, and you can choose to remove the app if it asks for privileges than it needs. It’s your information, but it is also information about your friends and family too.

        • Yeah it’s amazing how little people care about the information they share

          • Let’s not even talk about Facebook!

            Yes, it hurts other innocent parties too. Someone records my kids names and date of births in their contact info, and then they’ve shared that with Google, knowingly or otherwise. They’ve just burned my kids. I can’t get that info back. From my contact list, they can get my mother’s maiden name and other info only my financial institution(s) should know.

            Folks need to be more careful when installing apps.

            The trouble is, after you pay for an app, only then do you find out that it wants access to your private information. It’s hard to throw away that $5 you just spent, especially if you wanted the app.

  2. If this is true, I won’t be using the app. Google already has too much personal information about me already, and increasingly I find myself trying to extricate myself from them. I’d be very wary of handing over even more to them.

  3. I hope this pushed BB to open up BBM to other platforms. They need to do this pronto. They have good phones now. I will stick with BB even if BBM was on other platoforms and it would also increase the value of BBM.,

    • I trust my private social network on BBM more than I do Facebook or Google+. BBM is the way to go, especially BBM Groups!

      BB needs to expand Groups to do more and make it easier to share stuff. For example, I should be able to share a short recorded vid 20 seconds or so. I also want the Group lists expanded to sort, search and group items.

  4. That makes sense, when Google buys What’s App, not only will it invade your privacy, but it will have plenty of Malware.

    • It is malware if they’re insisting on stealing my contact list and other personal info. Unfortunately most users aren’t aware of what they’re giving up. They just keep hitting OK, OK, Accept, Accept…

  5. I hope it’s not true or What’s App will be another Google app discontinued on our platform.

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