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FileScout v4.0 Released for Legacy BlackBerry Devices


The venerable FileScout is now over 4 years old and it has come a long way to dominate the file manager space for Java BlackBerry devices. For those of you who still have BlackBerry OS 4.3-7.1 devices you will be happy to learn that EmacBerry has updated the app with lots of improvements from v2.9 jumping to v4.0 to reflect the age of the app.

Check out what is new in FileScout v4.0.0.3 below:

What’s New

  • FileScout was initially released in March 2009 – this is now more than 4 years ago. It has been a very exiting journey for me as a developer.

    You might wonder why the version number has jumped from 2.9 directly to 4.0 – well the application has been updated constantly over the years that I hope you agree that the 4.0 just reflects the age of the good old FileScout.

    BTW: This new 4.0 version will still work on BlackBerry Devices running OS4.3 – I know most of you probably have a newer OS installed on their device – but IMHO it shows what you where able to do as developer – even in the year 2007.

  • While the app functionality have been constantly improved over time there are some areas that have been totally untouched since the initial release. One of these areas are the option screens. Of course with each release new options have been added – but they have been never reorganized.

    With the new release of FileScout v4.0 all option screens have been redesigned and have now a fresh new look.

  • The main display have been adjusted and now a fine separator line will be painted between each file.

    If you don’t like this new grid then you can disable this function in the Appearance Options (by turning ‘Show Grid’ OFF)

    The file names are now always centered to the thumbnail (no matter what size you have selected) and for touch supporting devices the row height have also been tweaked.

    These adjustments unfortunately require that all thumbnails (if you make use if the build in cache) have to be recalculated.

  • All application icons have been reworked to match finally the new screen sizes of the latest OS7.x devices (that’s basically the core reason for the increased file size of the application))

  • A preview of all the visual changes can be found here: FileScout Preview Images on Facebook or FileScout Preview Screens at emacberry (Slideshow)

  • The copy, move and delete file operations (when multiple files and/or folders have been selected) could finally be canceled while they are running.
  • The File-Search (key short cut +) and the QuickFilter (key short cut ) now highlight the matches of the given search query in the result list.
  • The File-Search Screen layout have been revised and the additional checkbox options (to restrict the search) are now auto-hiding themselves once a search is started – they will reappear when you focus the search text field or the search button.
  • The Image-Manipulation Screen layout have been revised (the image resize options) and you should now have a much better overview concerning your actual options for image resize operations.
  • Press and hold the ESC-Key will instantly terminate FileScout – there is no need any longer to go up to the file system root – finally!
  • When you are press the file system browse buttons (the ones with the folder icon) in the option screens in order to adjust a path (e.g. the startup directory) then now the displayed folder list how at the button an additional button in order to select the current selected (or currently opened) directory.
  • Also this build contains multiple fixes for tiny issues I have found while I was testing the changes 🙂
  • Finally you might wonder how it could be that so many changes have been implemented in such a short period of time (since the last v2.9 release was just a couple of days ago). I don’t really have a good answer – it was just that I had a lot of fun coding for the legacy BlackBerry platform and I felt the need that FileScout should look a bit better.

You can get a free trial or pick up FileScout for $2.99 in BlackBerry World. I am really hoping EmacBerry brings its expertise with developing for demanding BlackBerry users to BlackBerry 10 soon!

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  1. Continuing to support OS 4.3 is insane…

  2. Awesome, another dev still supporting older devices. Sure 4.x is insane, but I hope RIM is still pushing or at least encouraging developers to continue to support 7.0 and 7.1 and offer more apps as great as this. Some of us are sticking to our 9900’s.. you know 🙂
    I see it even has dropbox support, but I think it is only just for file access, there is no synchronization/upload, etc.. possible.
    With all the API drobox is offering, it is beyond me that we have not seen a proper sync client for 7.1 (or even for 10 for that matter).

    Does anyone know if there is a auto upload capable app for 7.1?

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