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Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to WIN Smartphone Madness 2013

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  1. Hopefully the Z10 can do alright, but I’ve been following the Nokia and they’ve been getting almost 10,000 votes, we haven’t been coming close to that unfortunately.

  2. I think it shouldn’t be upgraded to “smartestphone” instead of “smarthphone”

  3. It should be called smartestphone not smart phone

  4. It’s a tough one, the Lumia P920 is a great phone.

  5. Z10 > Lumina 920

    • On some aspects, but it loses on others…

      • On aspects that matter to me Z10 is superior: security; unified, effortless messaging,notifications; fast and smooth UI; top notch keyboard; great, fast browser and you don’t have to be saddled with the Bing search engine like Lumina 920; Universal Search + Type and Go; better design – not bulky like a brick; effortless, smooth multitasking; dynamic lockscreen; better gaming experience; QNX muti kernal core; Active frames give more dynamic info and is the actual app, unlike the vague live tiles of Windows Phone that just launches into another selection; Z10 has a removeable battery and an sd card. I perfer icons tat you can group in folders zoom through to just having small text to scroll down to find what you want; z10 also has access to Android apps as well as Other apps. I also like Drop Box better than Skydrive cloud service.
        True, Lumina 920 has wireless charging – although I’ve heard reports that the wireless charging is slow and may eventually damage the battery. Lumina 920 also has a better camera and certainly a better navigation app (Nokia).
        Bottom line, the Lumina 920 is has a single silo approach to doing things: people hub, facebook hub etc, while the z10 is far more multi dimensional, functional and pratical for every day use.

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂
          I like the camera, the better maps and the live tiles, but I agree that the multi-dimensions of the PIM suite on BB10 is a great strength.

  6. What’s that darn GS4 doing on the list? It’s not even available for demoing. Vapourware! At least I can see versions of the Q10 floating around, but to be fair it shouldn’t be on the list either.

    These things are so silly anyway. Shame on Laptop Mag for such a stupid poll, even if the awesome Z10 has made it in the finals. I voted only to help the Z10, but I don’t believe these things add any value. Still some consumers do read into these things.

    It’s silly that Lumia fans suggest that the Z10 is lame and has only 1% native apps. That is such nonsense, and they know it. Folks forget that Microsoft has already rang the bell on WP8 in 2014. No support next year. Ouch! Talk about not standing behind what you build!

    Try swallowing that one when you’re about to shell out $200 for a 2 year contract for your Lumia!

    • It’s a simple way to raise page views since each team will try to rally as many people as possible. In order to do that, you just list the hottest phones both in circulation and on paper and wait for people to come and click.
      It’s not worse than having competitions where you have to take a picture of yourself doing something silly in relation to a mascot or a number 😉

  7. LAPTOP Mag knows who buys more ads in their magazine, and it ain’t BlackBerry.

  8. I will go with the z10 cause i jus love blackberry

  9. blackberry is forever good quality with compare lumia 920

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