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BlackBerry Z10 Lens Tap Trick Makes Fine Text Editing a Breeze

lens tap

Although the keyboard and autocorrection are very impressive on the BlackBerry Z10, there are times when my thumb spasms cannot be salvaged. Before I knew about this simple, yet effective trick, editing text was a little bit frustrating. If I dragged the lens too slow, the overflow menu would appear with the copy, cut and paste options available. I had to drag it quickly even if I wanted it a space or 2 over. Here is where the trick comes in. Tap once to place the cursor where you want to start editing. If the cursor didn’t make it to where you wanted, tap again and the lens (small circle as seen above) will appear.

  • To move the cursor one space to the left, tap the left side of the lens
  • To move the cursor one space to the right, tap the right side of the lens
  • To move the cursor one line up, tap the top of the lens
  • To move the cursor one line down, tap the bottom of the lens

Its as simple as that! Huge thank you to Neil Wick who pointed out this trick to me on our article on how to type fast on the Z10 keyboard.

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  1. i love using this, just wish it was more accurate, I have troubles making it stop where I want

  2. Wow, thank you for this as I didn’t understand it before… I just tried it again and I get it now. When the bubble come up, just tab and hold it and move your finger across the screen and the cursor follows. It actually makes it very easy not to edit documents…


    • Yes, dragging the lens works when you want to place it somewhere far from where it is. But when you only want it to move a space or two, tapping the corresponding edge is a great way to do this. I have found that when dragging the lens it is tough to see the cursor behind my finger sometimes.

  3. I was getting frustrated with this since I received my Z10, but now it makes the typing experience great!
    Thanks Jay!

  4. I actually find the was this works frustrating. The buddle jumps around, the keyboard pops down making the text shift and the bubble disappears, then the opposite happens and the keyboard pops up again. Try to drag the bubble to the correct spot and either my finger has to block the text so I can’t see where I’m placing it, or the bubble moves out of place entirely.

  5. The trick to dragging the bubble without having your finger get in the way is to place your finger on the bubble on the opposite side of the direction you want to move the cursor.

    So if you want to move the cursor to the left, then place your finger on the RIGHT edge of the bubble and move the bubble to the left.

    With a little practice the bubble is actually quite useful and accurate.

  6. Had some issues with this too. Mainly due to how I ‘thought’ it should work coming from 9850 and using PlayBook and iPad

  7. Tapping the lens is useful, but they should introduce the handle and let us drag that.

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