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Leaked 2013-2014 Roadmap Reveals Three Mystery Devices – B10, U10 and R10


Looks like I’ve been bamboozled! I’ve been told that this roadmap was an April Fool’s prank. Either way, we’re getting some good discussion out of it…right? 🙂

A slide of the alleged roadmap for devices released this year and beyond has been leaked and I’m not sure what to make of it. Judging by the proportions in the image, we’re going to see some huge BB10 devices released starting this Fall.

The B10 L* looks like a tablet. Perhaps it is the rumored 10” PlayBook codenamed “Blackforest.” Hopefully the OS10 software update for all existing PlayBooks is released before this.

The U10 looks to be an all touch phablet measuring at least 5” diagonally. Is this the Aristo?  The C on the end of the name is really confusing me here. I assume the B and W stand for Black and White. The L after the Z10 could be for the limited edition, which might mean the 10” PlayBook has another color variant as well.

The R10 seems to be a Q10 on steroids. It looks like the keyboard would be extremely wide and there’s a slight curve at the bottom of the screen where the Q10 is completely straight.

What do you think? Does this match up with what we have been hearing so far? From what Thorsten has said about tablets, I was surprised to see another one slated for release but only time will tell what BlackBerry has up their sleeve for the future.

Either way it’s exciting to see things moving along and BlackBerry setting and hitting release and sales targets.

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  1. Wasn’t this already proven to be an April fools joke?

    • Looks like it is an April Fool’s joke. 🙂 Kind of a lame one in my opinion but hey, they got me. I never take these kind of things too seriously anyway but it’s all in good fun.

    • If the B10 is a 10-inch PlayBook running BB10, I’m definitely buying it. However, I still hope BlackBerry releases some flavour of BB10 for the existing PlayBooks. PLEASE!

  2. Has anyone thought about the possibility that the form of the devices is about the possible release date and streched due to timeline?

  3. It looks like BB is eliminating the side bezel in U10 & R10. This would make the phones look more on par with the new phones from competitors. I’m curious to see how they will modify the OS navigation-wise if that is the case.

  4. I wonder wat the slider BB10 will look like?

  5. Well I don’t believe it is April Fool’s prank. They realized they made a mistake by releasing their top secret products road map and they use April Fool’s prank as their scapegoat.

  6. bring back the trackpad

    • I miss having to take my trackball apart and clean it every week.

    • Get a BT keyboard with a trackpad. I know they’re still handy and a mouse gives a different level of control compared with a full touch device. Some poorly designed sites make it awkward to perform certain functions in a web frame, such as pin to zoom. The device will zoom the entire screen because it doesn’t know how to interact with the specific frame.

      Still, BB will never release a trackpad on a full touch device again. A BT keyboard with trackpad is your best bet.

  7. considering it was released LAST week sometime and shown at other BB related sites, April Fools is unlikely. Not to say that it is true at all, just not an April fools folly.

  8. Prank or not, it’s still interesting to analyze. I find it pretty hard to believe that BlackBerry would jump on the phablet bandwagon but that’s where things seem to be going. It’s just so ridiculous seeing people with what looks like a TI-83 calculator on the side of their head. On the other hand, voice calls are becoming less and less popular with texting and other forms of IM taking over.

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