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17th App added to BB10 Folder on Z10

17th app

As you may or may not be aware, currently on BB10 there is a limit of 16 apps in each folder that you create.  By pure fluke I have encountered a glitch/bug that has allowed me to have a 17th app in a folder I created for Media.

I am not 100% sure what happened, but, here is what I think went down.

  1. I had 16 apps in the folder.  I deleted an app, the Rogers Anyplace Live app, and added in a browser shortcut to Rogers on Demand website
  2. So now I have 16 apps again
  3. After a device reboot it seems my Z10 had reinstalled/readded the Anyplace Live App back into the folder
  4. This pushed the Rogers on Demand browser shortcut to a second pane
  5. I cannot add any other apps to the folder still though to go above the 17 in there now

So the transition to see the 17th app works basically the same was as you transition through the 3 pane app display on the home screen.

This gives evidence that BB10 can clearly handle more apps per folder than the 16 currently.  I guess it also shows that the feature is disabled right now on the current BB10 version.

This is one of the big things I hope future updates changes.  16 apps per folder is not enough.

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  1. I would love to be able to put more apps in a folder. (or even folders in folders).

    • folders in folders?

      *brain blown*

    • I too have encountered the ’17th app’ glitch. However, I’m actually currently up to 19 apps in the folder. I don’t know how it initially happened but the key to adding more now is to make sure that in that folder, at least the 16th slot is free (apps moved into 2nd pane) then that free slot allows you to continue to add apps. Hope you’re as lucky as me with that. Also, I hope someone figures out how to manipulate this ‘glitch’ at will. If anyone does, please post.

  2. Not knowing there was a limit, I created an app folder for less used apps on my Z10. The folder contains 17 icons on two pages. No issues with function of any of them. It is interesting to see there is a limit for folders.

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