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(A)ndroid to (Z)10: A Smartphone Adventure


Rewind a year and a half ago to September 2011. Everyone I worked with had Blackberries. We received our emails the instant they were sent, organized our meetings, and were all connected on BBM.  I LOVED my 9780 and had no reason to try any other phone, but…I didn’t love my job.  So when I quit my job (which spurred a reaction in my boss to throw her BB Tour across the room) I had to give my 9780 back. A sad and happy day all at the same time.

My new employer utilizes a BYOD policy. Rather than head straight to the store and pick up another 9780 I was tempted by the other “cool” phones. They had such big screens and fancy games how could I resist. I bought a second hand iPhone and told myself I was now officially an iPhone man. This however did not last long as I found myself researching other phones. Little things in iOS bothered me like how I couldn’t hide the newsstand app, and that there was no blinking red light!  I think I pressed the sleep/wake button a thousand times the first day I had it only to discover no new messages since I was the new guy at work and didn’t really get cc’d on emails yet. Luckily one of the best things about iPhones is their resale value.


Enter Android. Pure customization. I could now make my home screen look exactly how I wanted it to. I could download different keyboards, and widgets.  If you can live with ads displaying in your apps, a lot of them are free. However, since I had decided to go with a lower end android device it was very buggy. It took a long time for anything to load and the keyboard would spontaneously type long lines of random letters and numbers. The thought occurred to me that this device was in serious need of a battery pull.  Nope…non removable.  Luckily, I was still safely within the one month return period.

After the craziness of android I thought I would settle down into an OS with a little more uniformity. Windows Phone. I love the understated “metro” UI of Windows Phone OS. Everything is clean and flows nicely. All the apps have the same Windows Phone feel to them. After a solid 6 months of use there was literally only one thing I didn’t like about it, although it was a big one….notifications. To get notifications for almost all apps you needed to launch the application. For someone who likes to be kept up to date at all times this got to be very annoying. This was before Windows 8 had launched which has now started to integrate notifications into the OS but still does not have an official notification center.


On October 29, 2012 Google made an announcement that they would be releasing the next Nexus device. A top end Android phone with high end specs called the Nexus 4, all for the price of $309 (CAD).  I thought that all the bugs that had plagued my low end Android device would be eradicated due to the sheer power of a quad core processor running the latest stock Android software, which was…mostly true. The phone was blazing fast, had a great screen, employed a very handy “swype” style keyboard, had literally almost a million apps to choose from, and took decent pictures.  On the downside the OS still seemed disjointed and there was still a few bugs that bothered me. For example sometimes when I would wake up for a nice long productive day of work, due to some unknown reason I would find my phone half charged, and every time I made a call it would make a call for zero seconds first then proceed with the actual call.

Luckily for me, during all this time BlackBerry had been hard at work developing BlackBerry 10.  With the Z10 I now have a rock solid QNX based OS, award winning hardware design, a smooth flowing and appealing UI, an amazing swiftkey based native keyboard, all the apps I want due to sideloading the ones I liked from Android, the best notification center on any platform, and…my blinking red light.

The Prodigal Son has returned.

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  1. It seems you and I have very similar phone histories. Though I’ve stuck with my windows phone which I really do still like. But, yeah the lack of notification center bugs the heck out of me. I don’t know how many times I just flat out missed a notification. Also miss the blinking red light and the physical keyboard. For that reason I am waiting for the Q10. the reality is I will probably swap my sim card on a daily basis from my HTC 8x to the Q10, depending on what type of day I foresee.

  2. You made the right choice Matt, z10 is the best.

  3. I have always found my. Nexus 7 tablet buggy. It’s a great tablet but I no big fan of Android OS. I certainly would not want an Android phone also.

  4. I have been using my new Z all day (fun, fun) and it is going to take a little getting used to but so far I’m loving it. Once I get my contacts on it I will be much happier, too.

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