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How To Type Blazingly Fast on a BlackBerry 10 Virtual Keyboard: Trust


The BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard is new territory for a lot of long time physical qwerty lovers. I was a little hesitant myself to abandon the comfort of the clickity klackity tactile awesomeness that BlackBerry has shaped, improved, and polished over the years.  After seeing the attention to detail and features that were poured into the BB10 keyboard I jumped in with both thumbs and haven’t looked back. I have heard from some friends and other acquaintances that they are having problems adjusting to the new take on a tried and tested classic.

The first advice I give to those trying to adjust from a physical keyboard to the BB10 virtual equivalent is: just trust it. Don’t worry about fixing your mistakes until after typing the entire sentence. 90% of the time the small, and even large errors are corrected to be exactly what you were intending to type. When I hand my Z10 to someone who has never tried it, I open up the Remember app, click on the Add Entry text field and tell them to write a sentence as fast as they can. Most of time I have had to tell them to stop correcting their mistakes and just let their thumbs fly. Everyone I have shown has been very impressed.

In order to get the best auto-correction there are some keyboard settings that I recommend changing.

  • In Settings go to Language and Input. Under Text Input select Automated Assistance
  • Set Auto-Complete to Aggressive
  • Enable all of the other Automated Assistance features (Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalize, Period Shortcut, Learned Words)


When I have two thumbs free, typing without swiping the suggested words up has been faster than scanning for the right words I want. When I only have one hand available though, swiping up from keys is definitely better than trying to type one handed.

Now that I have been using the Z10 keyboard for over a month and a half, I can honestly say that I can type just as fast or even faster than I could on my 9900. All because of a little trust.

We have posted tips about the keyboard before. Check them out below:

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  1. Interesting. I use the password test to decide whether a keyboard is worthy or not and none of the virtual keyboards are as good as a real one when entering the long unlocking password.
    But virtual or not, I do miss the trackpad, because when it’s time to edit those mistakes missed by the system, that lens is not good enough.

  2. I usually use the password test to determine whether a virtual keyboard is worth keeping or not and the one on BB10 also fails that test, but apart from that it’s really good. Too bad the trackpad is gone because the lens is just not good enough to easily fix mistakes.

  3. I’m quite satisfied with “the lens”. It takes a bit of getting used to because it is further away than the trackpad was. It’s something you must trust. Perhaps BlackBerry could have added an option to magnify the lens by 50% just to make it that much easier to position the cursor. Folks with lesser dexterity than I would probably have a more difficult time.

  4. Found the exact same thing. I have to learn to trust it and not keep fixing mistakes. Everything falls into place. I wonder if the autocorrect on other platforms are this accurate.
    I’d definitely take the BB10 keyboard over the Android Swype keyboard.

    I also find the little bubble is not all that helpful, and glitchy at times, especially when trying to delete very specific letters that I accidentally typed or fixing punctuation.

    A neat trick I found is if I press and hold the shift key to turn on caps lock, when I press the delete key, it will delete the “next” letter instead of the previous letter. It’s helpful for times where the cursor is played in the wrong place and you want to “delete” instead of “backspace”.

  5. @ Andrew,

    No they’re not. And hence all the “auto correct fail” pictures you see from apple iMessage

  6. Done. Aggressive does make a difference. Love my new Z10. Can’t wait for some friends to grab one also on VZ so we can try out the BBM video.

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