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Thorsten Heins Hints at “Exciting” Flagship BlackBerry Coming for the Holidays


We just had the BlackBerry Z10 launch in the US and we are already hearing about where BlackBerry is taking the platform. BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, let slip in an interview with CNET that they plan on offering up to four different phones this fiscal year. That means the Z10, Q10, a lower end “Curve” type model, and what Heins called an “exciting” flagship model. Heins specifically said that:

"There’s one new product I’m really excited about, but I can’t really share it… It takes BlackBerry 10 to another level in terms of the user experience."

He said he is not sure if it will hit by years end but there is definitely a “midtier” device coming later this year. Check out the interview at CNET here.

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  1. Don’t know what to make of that comment. The UI should not be linked in with a particular device, unless it won’t be backwards compatible with present hardware. I am hoping BlackBerry will support the present Z10 & Q10 with all future OS updates.

  2. Why a lower end “Curve” model? The Z10 should be under $100 by then. What does the carrier do with so many BlackBerrys at similar price points? They discontinue older models in favour of new ones. How long did the Curve 9300, 9330, 9360, 9390, Torch 9860, and Bold 9780 last in stores? The 9320 is still kicking, but it represents the low end, the Bold 9900 is mid-tier, the Z10 & Q10 on top. Engineering, marketing and distribution does have a significant cost!

    • Its a mid tier device with a keyboard to replace the millions of companies that hand out Curve devices. Also the component costs are lower so they can sell them in asia off contract cheaper.

      • Don’t forget the African market, Its growth is exponential. The market for anywhere north of Southern Africa is not geared at the price point for the Z/Q10.

  3. holidays is way too long for a phone with top-of-the-line specs. Exposure and a huge part of the market expects quad core, and early/mid summer is the right time frame.

    • You don’t feel like they need time to let the BlackBerry Z10 sink in? We really are not constrained by the specs on the Z10 so far. If anything throwing a quad core in there would just kill battery life.

      • BB has to be aware of the competition. We do know that QNX runs flawlessly and no zero lag with a dual core 1.5 GHz snapdragon. Some so-called techies on Android will do a spec compare and fail the BB10 device because it doesn’t appear to measure up.

        What I was concerned about in Thorsten’s message is that this new BB10 device ads some new sexy functionality. It should just be faster and more powerful but supporting the same platform OS I can run on my Z. The new devices will sport 2800 mAh batteries so they should last the day. My Z is giving me just over 12 hours and I use it a lot! Must be love 🙂

  4. well the Z10 was originally scheduled for Sept 2012ish. So by definition part of its specs were 6mo old at launch day. Its not our fault but its a fact.

    When 5S and S4 will hit the market, Z10 will start tanking big time. BB has to stay competitive on the specs game. Aristo could sell for 50-100$ extra, easily.

    • I don’t know for me its more of a balance between battery life and performance. I am not feeling any performance pain but I am feeling borderline battery pain until the last OS update. Most of the S4 features are just software gimmicks but the quad core processor is clutch. Still they had to put a monster battery in there.

      I have no real idea what iOS is going to add in a 5S. So far their big innovations have been pretty deadpan.

      • Higher specs yield better more sophisticated apps and a more robust platform. BB needs to do this to attract developers, especially gaming folks who push those limits constantly.

  5. oh, IMO i agree with you. But many blogs put phones through their paces with benchmarks, games, and pure horsepower is high on their priority lists. Also, browsing/rendering speed and flash are very dependent on CPU

    Since iPhone, battery life has taken a back seat to pretty much every thing else. Its the last thing reviewers consider. Seriously.

    Exposure and cool buzz is never about battery life. Is hardware polish and specs. THen its apps.

    less than a quarter of the Smartphone market want top notch specs, but they influence 75% of the whole market

  6. Sounds like th Aristro to me. QNX does not need quad core to operate smoothly. I hope they include some new wow features in this one.

    • QNX can support up to 32 cores! It loves multi-core platforms 🙂 Talk about ZING!!!!! If it flies on a dual core, image what it will do with four cores!

  7. Decision….should I wait?
    I’m still waiting to get my Z10 yet & now this news of possibly a better BlackBerry that might kick the Z10’s butt so soon.
    What do I do now!

  8. An Aristo in 2014 is bad news.
    They better have lots of OS updates by Q3 if they expect consumers to even consider the Z10 after this Summer. It seems like most manufacturers have settled for one device a year per tier, but as someone mentioned above, the Z10 barely has 2013 specs. It may not look that good after the Nexus 5 and the next iPhone are released. And the Galaxy S 4 mini will probably be much cheaper.

  9. Apparently, Cheng asked more questions to Heins, specifically about security and I can’t believe Heins said something as stupid as this:
    “You don’t know how many keys you’ve given to the main door of your house because it’s open software,”

    Hopefully it was only a translation issue… Open software is not the problem as some of the most secure software is Open, even BB10 uses Open software.

  10. Maybe this is the one Sprint is holding out for.

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