Review: Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case

IMG_00000543When I had my 9900, I always had an envy for the people with diary/journal cases on larger devices.  I am not a fan of bulk in my pockets.  So if I had the opportunity to leave my wallet at home, and have a safe place to keep ID, a credit card and some cash…. I would.  Well now that we have  the Z10, a slightly larger phone, manufacturers are doing just that.  They are making the cases in a fully array of colours and styles for it, and it truly makes me happy!


Matt from was nice enough to hook me up with a case for review.  The one he sent me is a Zenus Masstige diary case, it is a synthetic leather case with some script and cursive on it.  Out of the box it had a very stiff feel… I was worried how it would feel with a few cards in it, as well as the bulk of cash stuffed between the case.  One thing I immediately took a liking too was the magnetic snap, and we will get back to why a little further on.


Overall, the Z10 fits in to the case very snug and secure.  The moulding that keeps it in place are reinforced and hold the Z10 very tight, it is almost a task to try and get it out.  It is also a bit of a softer synthetic  leather underneath which adds to the feel.

The front flap nicely covers the screen, it also has an earpiece hole cut out.  This enables you to make or answer a call, flip the shell closed and still enjoy the phone call.  I noticed that the case feels nice against your face when it warms up, I made a call when it was -10C outside, and forgot about how the cold case would feel against my face, but once it warmed up, the shock of the cold wore off.


There are 2 card slots on the inside of the flap, it was easily able to hold 3 cards.   There is also the cash or document opening beneath the card holder.  When you put a few bills in, it did create bulk. This made the first few times a little more difficult to close the case, as I did not want to put extra stress on the screen.  But once I did it a few times, everything settled in to place.  The magnetic snap had enough strength in it to keep it closed, even as I kept stuffing more things in to the case.  I kinda of did a stress test on it, and it never let loose, and that is why I loved it. (told you I would come back to the magnetic snap!).  The quality over all is great, and it is 100% hand made.

Over all, after 2-3 days the case really broke in nicely, and I would recommend this case to anyone looking to multi task with their case.  It protected the phone really well.  The added bonus is that it holds a few cards and cash for a night on the town.  You can grab your own at, and don’t forget to check out their full selection of OEM and after market Z10 accessories!

Here are some more pictures:

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