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The Guardian Admits Article on UK Government BlackBerry 10 Security Was Incorrect

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Its not like you could not see this one coming. The Guardian published a grossly twisted version of the facts about BlackBerry 10 and its security review by the UK Communications Electronics Security Group. BlackBerry responded by saying that the article was “false and misleading” and now it looks like The Guardian is in agreement. [email protected] noticed that the article has now been removed from The Guardian website though the damage is mostly already done by their idiocy. The author Charles Arthur has confirmed on Twitter that it “was wrong to suggest CESG has rejected”BB10. Its unevaluated” and links to exactly that statement by the CESG.

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The question is if it makes a difference now that BlackBerry has set the story straight. They cannot go back and unwrite all of the other stories that jumped on that “BlackBerry has lost its way” bandwagon. Still its nice to see that they got it corrected.

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  1. BLACKBERRY SHOULD SUE them for damages they have caused. How could they publish false & stupid statements?
    They should get their facts straight before opening their
    mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the day BLACKBERRY
    shares are rising and I could see in a year they will be over $400.00. The BLACKBERRY OS “QNX “Micro kernel”” is way better and more advanced than Apple & Android. Good days are over for Apple & Android.

  2. And of course one of the quickest to jump down BlackBerry’s throat was the jerks at BGR…

  3. I think the future of telecommunication “SECURITY + INTEGRITY” is BLACKBERRY. We already seeing the signs that BLACKBERRY is melting them. Give it a bit of time and watch, BLACKBERRY gone smoke them. QNX is the only true
    multitasking Operating System out there “Developed in Waterloo, ONT”. QNX has been in use for past 33 years, where the cost of failure is very high. They are used in use in Cisco Routers and Nu Clear Reactors. Have U guys heard calling QNX “young OS”? They have no idea what they talking about!

  4. Keep It Up Waterloo Boys “TEACH THEM A LESSON”. The world is listening. ” they are CRYING “Apple + Android””.

  5. I’ve always hated BGR for there anti-blackberry views.

  6. I think It is a miracle to have Thorsten Heins on charge for BLACKBERRY. He is a SUPER SMART LEADER, and He got the talent to run the company ” We love the job U doing”. In answer to your Emails!!!!!!! I am a Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic. I do work for GLOBAL HEATING & COOLING, AND my email is [email protected]. I am not paid by BLACKBERRY AND I HAVE No Association with BLACKBERRY. I LOVE to see BLACKBERRY to get ahead and comeback #1. Having said that, they gone be back “not third ” but first “FIRST”. I am a service technician which taken computer courses “SQL – C – C++ – SYBASE – DB2 – Precompilers – SUN OS” at RYERSON UNIVERSITY. I Love Programing beside my job and study a lot on Operating Systems.

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