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Tim Allen reviews the Z10!


tim allen

Following up on the recent news item that the Z10 was featured in Tim Allen’s show, Last Man Standing, it seems Mr. Allen himself has been using the Z10 for a while now.  He posted this review on his website.   All in all he gives a fairly balanced and overall positive review!

February 15, 2013:  I was fortunate to be able to test the new Blackberry Z10 full screen touch Blackberry for the last two weeks. I respected the request to keep my post until after the NYC announcement last week… so I did.

I carry a bevy of devices. Some on loan but most I have bought and paid for. I dig communication devices, from ham radio to flip phones and even cool land line phones. A Blackberry was always in my “tool bag” due to its industrial look, strength and bullet proof simplicity of messaging functions. The company took a wild hit and was taking a lot of water heading the wrong way in the ocean of business. I won’t predict further but will report a fairly experienced user viewpoint.

This device is very interesting on two levels: One from the Blackberry loyalist and two, the new customers or those who switched.

It is a well crafted, powerful tool. Its light and in my opinion slick industrial designed as far as it can go given the nature of what I call slab phones. What’s most interesting is I walk away from it and come right back.

The BB10 software presents a clean and smooth user experience with a moderate learning curve. Once mastered, to a degree, I find myself repeating some of the moves to no avail on my other devices. To me that’s a good sign as it suggests the BB 10 is intuitive. It would be impossible to expect no bumps in this release. The software is new so challenges do exist. Big name applications like Google Maps are missing. The strong showing in the UK and Canada and I predict the US will do a lot to change that.

Some very important features from BB7 are missing at this early point. There are some email specific functions that I use on the BB that are not functional on BB10. But honestly it feels its just too new to judge deeper components on this model. The Z10 keyboard is amazing, that said, I love using my Bold so for me the next Q version is of great interest.

Hopefully the few kinks will get worked out. I like this thing a lot and find it astonishing it works this well this soon. It will only get more streamlined and user friendly as time goes on.

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  1. I agree with the tool man. I have had one since Feb. 05 and I love it. There is some things missing but they will come along soon enough.

  2. yeah I was shocked how well thought out and articulate the review was!

  3. Great review tool man

  4. Yeah! Tim the Tool Man rocks! I didn’t know he rocked a Bold 9900. Perhaps if he had the latest software release of the Z10 the review would have come off even sweeter.

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