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BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 Scheduled to Launch Next Week

BlackBerry Travel

We heard from one of our long time tipsters that BlackBerrys Travel application is set to launch next week. They are aiming for it to coincide with the US launch so expect it around then. I know there are quite a few die hard BlackBerry Travel users out there so you just have a little longer to wait!

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  1. I don’t travel much, but when I do, this app is irreplaceable…

  2. That is great! I’ve also been hoping to get it on the PlayBook.

  3. This is super news! I have been searching the beta site and AppWorld since the Canadian launch.

    I suppose they’ll add this, and some other cool applications, to the launch so that the American audience has soome fun stuff to see, as well.

    Nice catch, Ronen.


  4. One million thank-yous to Team BlackBerry!

  5. This is all I needed… Im complete now on the z10… Thank you BlackBerry

  6. Blackberry News next please.

  7. What else is missing besides BlackBerry Travel and news???
    I’m never without these…

    • Social Feeds and BBM Music.

      • @dpr, sorry but social feeds is toast. It’s fully integrated into the Hub. BB Maps has some traffic feature but I’ve not used it yet. I liked BB Traffic but I don’t know how well the traffic feature in BB Maps compares. I’ll have to try it when I go out.

        BBM Music was a great idea but I dropped it. I loved the app itself as it was very polished, but not having access to my music unless I go via BBM Music was a problem. Even the stuff I bought was lost after I cancelled the service 🙁 Not fair.

        • BlackBerry needs a music streaming service to compete with the Android and and IOS platforms.

          • Agreed. It wasn’t a bad idea just the implementation needed tweaking. Whatever you buy should be yours to keep even if you cancel the service. I loved that I could sample different music and listen to some of the stuff my friends did, but when fewer and fewer friends had Berrys last fall the service became less useful to me.

  8. YAAAYY! Made my day in a big wayyyyyy!

  9. Yeah we have some good news coming and even more planned in the future. Just been getting so many requests about this one that I thought it would be worth sharing the news before the launch so people can preorder.

    • Sounds like you know some more cool things. So hope it’s Skype & Netflix 😀

      Yes, blogs like BR have a huge role to play. Glad to see you take it so seriously, Ronen! Hee Hee! BB FTW!

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