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Just How Confident is BlackBerry Before Announcing Q4 Fiscal 2013 Results?

Curious George

When BlackBerry let loose a good news barrage earlier this week it had me wondering. BlackBerry is set to announce their year-end and fourth quarter fiscal 2013 results on Thursday March 28th, 2013 which is in exactly two weeks. We can assume BlackBerry is stocking up some good news for that "judgment day" event since investors are dying to know how BlackBerry 10 is faring along with BlackBerry’s legacy device business. This makes me wonder what this big news release is meant to show two weeks before their fiscal results?

For example, this week they announced that an unnamed BlackBerry partner has made an order for 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices. The largest such order ever. Its pretty surprising that they didn’t hold that news back for their fiscal results announcement. This has me wondering if there is more than just the raised sales forecasts and surging orders for BlackBerry 10 parts from suppliers we have been hearing about for BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry also has the US launch set for March 21st which is a week before the fiscal announcement and I am sure they will have some news to share there.

Let me know what you think?

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  1. I was speculating this last evening with my father when we were discussing our BlackBerry stocks. In my humble opinion, BlackBerry announcing this 1 million order news bit can only mean the earnings report will be positive.

    If the earnings call was going to be negative to neutral, there is no point on wasting this good news item now, as it would be must better used an airbag for a negative earnings report.

    I think this announcement was meant to shut up the naysayers for the next 2 weeks before the earnings report. Guess what. It did.

    The announcements yesterday cleared the path leading up the USA launch. Providing there is no NEW negative news stories that come out between now and the launch, BlackBerry has shut up the naysayers leading up to the USA launch.

    This is an amazing strategic move imo

  2. The pessimist in me says that they release this ahead of a *really* bad earnings report to give the stock a boost.

    Consider: if they announce this in the midst of dismal earnings, it would get lost in the noise.

    If they announce it ahead earnings, the stock gets a boost and the resulting drop from earnings isn’t as painful as it might have been. Back to 13s instead of single digit.

    I’d like to be wrong, but I figure… expect the worst, anything better is a bonus 😉

    In either case, I agree with BBA Brian – a great strategic move.

    • if the earnings are bad, and they offer no new news bits to help soften the blow, the couple bucks of stock value increase announcing this early provides, will not help the stock as it will plummet down.

      if earnings are not good, you hold this to soften the blow in the earnings call, you don’t drop it 2 weeks before

      my opinion at least

      I guess we will soon find out!

  3. If the earnings are bad they usually issue a warning like 2 weeks in advance of the earnings date.

    • yes but in this case we are talking about subjective badness

      The book values may be fine and not worth a warning, but, if they only sold 400 000 units, they probably wouldn’t issue a warning for that.

      Its like the no service fee fiasco from last earnings call. That made the stock plummet like 25% but they didn’t issue any warnings

  4. Agree with Brian, It will be positive. They wouldn’t waste the $1 million sale now if they had to soften some bad news later. There is likely no bad news to soften so they can spread the good news as it comes.

    Ahead of the U.S. launch, it’s looking pretty solid. The latest update was sweet. Smoother & faster (not that it already wasn’t), but some bugs have been fixed too. It’s going to crazy starting March 28th. Watch out!

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