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Google Killing Google Reader & Google Voice for BlackBerry Client

Pissed Off

Google just pissed off a whole slew of reporters, journalists, bloggers, and many other Google Reader users out there. Google Reader became the gold standard for RSS readers with Google pioneering the space a few years back. It is one of the only Google services I would actually pay a subscription for. In the past year or two they started treating it like the black sheep as social networking took off. In February we got a taste of what would happen when Google Reader went wonky for almost two days. Now it Google has announced that they plan on completely killing off the service on July 1, 2013. Here is what Google has to say about it:

We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.

All I can say is [email protected][email protected]$!!! To add insult to injury they are also killing off the Google Voice App for BlackBerry for BlackBerry Legacy devices. They are recommending users go to their HTML5 web app which works on OS 6.0+.

My mind is still reeling from all of the apps I use daily that will stop working when Google Reader goes dark. I really hope Google releases the source code or something because there really is no alternative right now. On top of that there are so many apps that utilize the Google Reader API to sync between devices.

This is a sad day… Maybe there is some hope Google will change their mind.

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  1. Hey Ronen, I think this goes hand in hand with the google maps login problem.
    Like I mentioned in my forum, more winter clean up, late winter clean up…
    Next thing you know it, google maps will go dark very soon.
    You know what, if they want to charge for it that’s one thing, to kill off a service is a totally different experience.

  2. damn, this seriously sucks… Google drops good ish and then they take it away! First it was the GMail app on the BB, then it was Sync, now Voice/Reader. WTF?!

  3. I’m furious and confounded! Google Reader has been my daily news and info source for years. I actually held off getting the Z10 until I was sure I could get a suitable RSS reader for BB 10. Found one and got the Z10 this weekend. Now this.

    Considering the way Google seems to be trying to alienate users, it seems like the time to migrate to

    • I dropped Google and moved to the day I got my Z10. When Google kills a service it should be for all devices not just us.

    • I agree, between FB and Google, I’m going piecemeal…and while I want to laugh about it, who knows, maybe they do eventually axe gmail too (as some angered user wrote on a blog post somewhere on the web)?

  4. Some very bad news to taint this otherwise great news day for Blackberry.

  5. I’ve lost faith in Google a while back. It started when I realized last year that they scanned all my email and messages and pushed stupid ads that matched content in my message. [email protected]@rD$! They had dropped Google Mail app support for BlackBerry. Then they killed Google Sync. Now this. Can we really rely on Google for anything anymore. Perhaps Google Calendar will be next? Seriously.

  6. I started to get rid of google from my life…
    Only left for searching for web… but how many alternatives have we? None.

  7. I discovered the lack of Voice App recently when my Torch bricked and I had to start from scratch. Because no Google Apps exist in BB World, I went to and when I clicked on Voice, it didn’t take me to the app – it took me to the HTML5 site.

    You might want to check out Feedly as a possible replacement for Google Reader. I think it’s currently a Google Reader client but they just announced Normandy which they say is a replication of the Reader service and will kick in automatically when Reader goes down. Found it via this Wired article.

  8. Feedly sounds like it may be a viable option. Now we just need them to provide a BB10 app!

  9. Don’t give a shit. Why people use this I have no idea.

    If they block Gmail I could care less. Use and be happy all of your email isn’t being scanned and used for the benefit of a company that doesn’t give a shit about you.

    People are Google crazy because they think its something new and cool like my coworkers that use Gmail over exchange. I can tell you Gmail is shit compared to exchange.

    Google maps better than Bing or any number of others. Seriously when have you been lost using Blackberry maps?

    Get over Google!!!!

  10. Here is an alternative to Google Reader, its called Zite –

  11. anybody know of a replacement for Google Voice app? I need to be able to text by way of a virtual number. The html5 app is total rubbish.

    • I just sideloaded their Android app on my BlackBerry Z10 but I have not found anything for older BlackBerry 7 devices

      • Blackberry 7 users! If your problem is texting (won’t solve your voice dial out problems unfortunately but you can use this to SMS text), After about 4 days of internet searching and falling down many rabbit holes – victory. offers a service that allows you to send SMS text messages through your Google TALK IM messenger account. It’s pretty brilliant. You can download one of those 3rd party IM apps for your blackberry — I am using BeejiveIM… Incredible fix for people who’s problem is only texting SMS related. I am stoked and texting through this is actually a MUCH better experience than texting through GV ever was.

      • How is that running? Any bugs to report?

  12. By the way, I’ll emphasize that, yes you can send and reply to SMS text messages to cell phones through your Google Talk account by using the free service. I sound like an advertisement but this is some very sneaky trickery that blows my mind.

  13. No bugs. It’s too many ways of brilliant. I guess it’s possibly a text could get lost since it’s traveling through quite a few pathways before it gets to your phone, but it’s quite responsive and I don’t think there is any delay beyond what would normally happen when you receive a text message. Nice thing is since it’s through a messenger app, you don’t have to constantly refresh your GV app to look for texts. It populates instantly. I think GV was only refreshing at best every 5 minutes in the settings.

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