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Easily Gesture to Capitalize a Letter or Type a Number on BlackBerry 10

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SLS pointed out an awesome keyboard shortcut to me today on BlackBerry 10. It allows you to easily capitalize a single letter or type a number with a quick gesture. To capitalize a letter you simply perform a swipe gesture from the shift button to the letter you wish to capitalize and voilà we have a capitalized letter. The same works for easily typing numbers. You can swipe down to get the symbol pad or hold down a letter for its symbol but there is actually an easier way. You simply perform a swipe gesture from the symbol button to the symbol or number you wish to enter and it will enter it and return to the keyboard letters.

I was happy to see this feature there since it is something users are familiar with in the latest iOS and Android keyboards. Still its something that even the popular Swype keyboard does not do. I am glad to see it made its way into BlackBerry 10!

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  1. Every since you told me about this this afternoon, ive been addicted to it

  2. Even better, just press and hold the letter to capitalize.

  3. Not sure how this work. Can someone post a video? Thanks.

  4. Agree with K C, easier to just hold the letter you want in CAPS and I like the swipe down anywhere on the keyboard to change to symbols, saves you from having to find the actual symbol shift button so should be faster…, but awesome that there other ways!!! Nice spotting SLS

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