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BlackBerry Z10 Keyboard Gets Slammed in Latest Koodo Review

Too mainstream


It seems that the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard may be a little too advanced for some users. At least one disgruntled Koodo subscriber took the time to write this scathing review on their website. It’s really too bad that the keyboard took over and randomly wrote something that caused an obviously dedicated relationship to end.

Let’s be serious though, this was simply a resourceful and patient “bf” who was waiting for the right opportunity to end the romance. I’m sure he knew about the new phone and chose to side with it when there was a ‘mistyped’ word or two. Well played sir. Well played.

What do you think about the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10? Has anyone else had it break up your relationship?

You can find this review on Koodo Mobile’s Z10 page.

Thanks to Matt for pointing this out!

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  1. lol lol lol back to her Samsung slider

  2. I guess the keyboard was just being nice and let her bf go to live a fulfilling life

  3. What did she type and what did she get?
    Then we can get a better picture…

  4. thats why it’s a good idea to read what you type before you send messages…

  5. Are you serious? I looks like someone checked in their brain when they were typing. Everyone makes mistakes, and so do computers. If her bf is so sensitive then the relationship was on the brink of terminating anyway.

  6. Reading this review on your android?



  7. I wanted to say “I feel sorry for her that her Z10 experience lead to a breakup” but my Z10 took over and type instead “mwahahahaha!::dr evil laugh”

  8. Look like the Z10 gave the bf a good occasion to break up.
    He knew it, this is what you call a SMARTphone.

  9. The Z10 keyboard is amazing!! Best keyboard in the market.

  10. What a joke! LOL… she went back to a phone that doesn’t even let her capitalize properly… so juvenile… (insert eye roll) and like all the other posters said, the bf isn’t going to break up just because you typed something out on the phone (and which you probably shouldn’t) unless of course you’ve already typed that same phrase out three or more times to your other friends in which case the Z10 figures you probably wanted to say the same thing to BF. After all it’s the operator that’s flicking the words on the screen, not the phone! LOL…

  11. I think instead of typing XOXO (hugs and kisses) the Z10 correctly predicting the relationship was DOA, sugested to type LOL, OMG.

  12. Some folks are just happier when they are miserable and complaining. Clearly this person is very happy now and she should thank her Z10 experience for the love. Come to think about it, so should her ex.

  13. Very long term bb qwerty user here. Took the z10 with some trepidation. Now find I can basically type much faster with the z 10 keyboard. It’s quite amazing… I type in any old crap, see that i made a mistake, continue typing any old crap and it shows me the word I intended which I just touch. This is after a week , so I know I am going to be fine with this . No idea if all touchscreen keypads are as good as this … But it’s terrific

    • Same situation with myself as well. I have always loved having the physical qwerty and it was only after serious consideration and hearing about all of the slick features of the new BB10 virtual keyboard that I decided to make the jump to all touch.

      After using it for over a month now, I will never go back. I can type faster, with less mistakes, with one hand, and even without looking better than I ever could on the physical keyboard. BlackBerry really has something special in this new keyboard. It is one of the first things I show to people who haven’t tried the Z10 yet. I just say, “type whatever you want as fast as you can.” Everyone that has tried has been blown away.

      • Dang, you guys are making me consider the Z10.

      • I agree. Look at some of the cool stuff they’ve done with the soft keyboard, including the ability to swipe back anywhere on the keyboard to delete the last word. I love that feature! Such a timesaver. There are lots more keyboard tricks, plus the superb one-finger typing/flicking, and let’s not forget my favourite, the magical keyboard disappearing act! I’m so please RIM spent enough time to perfect their soft keyboard. It is the best out there.

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