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Easily Type In Multiple Languages or Switch Keyboards on BlackBerry 10

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One of our readers pointed out that we did not mention how easy BlackBerry 10 makes switching between languages or even typing in multiple languages. You can have up to three languages enabled at a time from the 33 supported languages on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry even added a mode that lets you type in all three languages and it will automatically recognize which one you are writing and provide relevant suggestions.

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They also make it easy to switch between languages by holding down the second key on the bottom left with a globe on it. You then swipe your finger up to the language keyboard you wish to switch to. I use it to switch between Hebrew and English which is really nice though I want them to add a toggle option by hitting that key twice.

To add languages or change the options just go to the settings and select language and input. In there you can add languages or change the options.

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  1. Yeah, they showed off that feature at the launch event when Heins tried to write something in French. While this is a great feature especially for bilinguals in Canada, it should certainly be noted that there can’t be any way for that to work with Hebrew or any other language which uses a different alphabet. Correct?

  2. So it can display 33 different languages, but only type in 3? Why not be able to type the 33 different languages it can display? The limited number of input languages for BB10 is making me consider another OS.

    • Hey Daniel I think you misunderstood. You can select up to three of the 33 available languages to easily be able to switch between. You can always enable any of the 33 languages its just 3 that you can choose to be able to type with at the same time.

    • Umm if you can type in more than 3 languages at the same time and have someone that will understand them at the same time you are both in a different league haha. I speak both Spanish and English and this is by far my favorite feature. Try doing that in any other device, they usually have a heart attack and corrects you each time with the wrong word(Yes, I have tried it on android and iPhone). BB 10 is awesome.

  3. On the Q10, is there any way that one can actually see the keys that correspond to the hebrew keyboard

  4. by any chance, would this work –

    I can ask the fellow who is selling it but I am looking for an objective opinion

  5. Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to switch languges in middle of writing on the BlackBerry q10.

  6. Thank you

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