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BlackBerry Promises Port-A-Thon Reviews To Be Done by March 12th

Turbo button

The wait time for BlackBerry World application submissions has been nothing short of ridiculous recently. There are still developers waiting for their apps to be approved from Januarys Port-A-Thons. The wait for apps getting reviewed and updated is over 2 weeks though BlackBerry promises they are “working hard to get your apps approved” with “teams around the globe approving BlackBerry 10 apps as fast and as accurately as possible.”

The nice thing is that BlackBerry has finally set a deadline for themselves and it is March 12th. They also said that developers that took place in the All Aboard, Android, Community and Last Chance Port-A-Thons should know that:

  • We will have all app reviews completed by March 12, 2013
  • You will have until March 26, 2013 to resubmit fixes
  • All resubmitted apps will be reviewed by April 8, 2013
  • To be eligible for Port-A-Thon rewards, the cutoff date for having your app approved and up for sale in BlackBerry World is April 8, 2013
  • Your rewards will only be delivered once all of your apps are approved and up for sale
  • The draw for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B devices and BlackBerry Live trips will take place on April 9, 2013 and those winners will be contacted

Hopefully the BlackBerry World team can get their act together soon and get app reviews down to less than a day or better yet just a few hours. Its sad to see clearly broken apps approved after waiting in the queue for weeks when developers tell me they have a follow up fix waiting in the queue that will take another few weeks to get through.

PS: Old school props to the first person who gets the image reference above 🙂

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  1. Looks like the buttons on the front of an old PC case.

    So….any bets April 8 is USA Z10 launch day???

  2. I agree, an old PC like a 286 up to the original Pentium class.
    April 8? Nah, I’d say Q10 global around that time and June for the US.
    Z10 is almost out the gate in the US this month.

  3. Damn I thought people would remember the damn “Turbo” button 🙂 Was trying to hint that they need to hit the gas.

  4. Looks like a control pad that I had for my Sega Megadrive…or was it my Amiga…

    Those dates makes the launch on the specific US carriers that have been leaked seem more probably i.e.e Mar 15th for ATT, Mar 27th T-Mobile; too many different dates for Verizon but would be disappointed if its April 9th

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