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Hands on with the iSkin Vibes case for the Z10

IMG_00000214Last Friday I was lucky enough to get my hands on an iSkin Vibes case for my Z10.  It is a brand new case from iSkin, and their first for a BlackBerry 10 device.  I had been using a BlackBerry Transform case since launch, and was satisfied… but knew I wanted more protection.

IMG_00000215The case fits the device like a glove, when putting the phone in to the skin,it almost seems that it might not pop in, but it does.  The best part of this was that there is no device movement in the shell, the snuggest fit I’ve had on a case.  It also adds some depth to the device, which makes it a lot easier to grip.  The case provides more rounded edges to the Z10.  Don’t get me wrong, the Z10 has a wonderful design, but something about the edges and made it feel awkward in my hand.IMG_00000219

The material that the skin is made from is a very nice polymer.  The design on the back gives it such a grip, that it feels like it was meant to be in your hands.  They have also put some extra technology in to the polymer, or thermopolymer as they call it.  It features a revolutionary product called Microban.  With the Microban, you get  antimicrobial product protection to keep your phone free of odor causing bacteria, fungus and other impurities.


iSkin also packaged in a screen protector, it was easy to apply and does not take away from the high resolution screen.  I find it almost enhanced my typing experience, as I felt the glass was too smooth before.  The texture of the screen protector provided allowed my fingers to get a firm feeling when typing, almost grip like.20130225_114356

My only issue with the device, probably just has to do with my fat fingers, I found myself sometimes having a hard time when near the edges of the screen on the left and the right.  When trying to navigate through the Hub, or just surfing the web, the gestures that seemed to be second nature, now had to be used with a bit more precision.  I had to use more the edge of my finger to get the phone to recognize the gesture.20130225_114346

Over all, this is one of the nicest minimalist cases available for the Z10.  For the value of $29.99, it is well worth it.  The skin is very well designed, they put what seems to be some good development in to making it a super fit.  The case when you try and fit it on, as I said almost seems too snug, but once on the Z10 it feels like part of the phone. Head over to their site and grab one for yourself! And do not forget you can win a Z10 from iSkin as well!!

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