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UK Gets On The Ground Analysis of BlackBerry Z10 Sales – Prices Going Up?!?


You may have heard about two analysts slashing sales targets for BlackBerry 10. With that in mind Michael Collins on Seeking Alpha has performed a on the ground channel check of BlackBerry Z10 sales in the UK FROM the UK. Some analysts have been reporting petering sales based on “Channel Checks” but Collins provides quite a bit more detail and is actually performing the checks in stores. According to his report the BlackBerry Z10s are selling like hotcakes in the UK. Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u have actually RAISED the prices on the BlackBerry Z10 to 529 GBP from 479 GBP making it higher than the iPhone 5 at 499 BP. It seems like they are selling quite a few of the devices at all stores without contracts or SIM free with a thriving “Grey Market.” This is the first time I have ever heard of the price of a phone going up AFTER launch.

Here are Collin’s conclusions: “My limited UK channel checks have confirmed very important trends:

  1. Prices are being increased post-launch.
  2. The black market exists and is thriving 21 days after launch.
  3. The larger UK stores as expected had ‘massive’ quantities of launch.
  4. Those stores blew the phones out the door.”

Check out the full details along with a very colorful comment thread over at Seeking Alpha.

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  1. Well , i guess that explains why the Z10 prices on Ebay have only come slightly down lol ! Glad to see the Z10 is so popular though , it`s worthy !

  2. Wow, that I didn’t see coming.
    That’s good for them and maybe bad news for us US customers if the prices don’t come down a bit.

  3. Very true , though in my case ( I`m on T-Mobile ) its more when it`s coming …

  4. When and through what channel will we get the actual sales numbers? Through BlackBerry’s reports?… through the carriers?…

  5. I read all reviews and try to judge sincerity as i bought rimm on 30/11
    If i have to believe fools ,forbes and others i will lose everything i invested but i stumbled accross seeking alpha and they seemnto be sincere and not corrupt because i must presume somebody has a finantial reward for doing negative reporting?

    • Of course , that`s why I don`t trust financial sites with mobile tech reporting , they r usually trying to influence stocks in their favour !

  6. Thorstien Heins said himself that they are increasing production due to extreme demand. I they doesn’t say selling well I don’t know what does.

  7. nice fone it has the qaulitues

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