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Rumor: Native Instagram App May Not Come to BlackBerry 10 Maybe an Android Port

imagesAccording to a source who spoke to All Things D, a native Instagram Application will not be making its way to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Instead if an app does land on BlackBerry 10 it may be an android port similar to what we have heard Skype is working on. Personally I could care less for the application since BlackBerry 10 already does a great job at editing pictures, and really don’t see the point on editing pictures after I take them.  Here is what the source had to say:

There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now,” said one. “Frankly, I’m not sure there will ever be.”

Facebook bought Instagram last year but the fact that Facebook owns the app it doesn’t mean they have all the resources to simply make another application. If sales for BlackBerry 10 are better than expected maybe that will entice more company’s to make a native application.  All Things D also reached out to BlackBerry and this is what they had to say about the rumor:

“We have a strong partnership and are actively engaged around Instagram support for BB10, but we do not have an availability date at this point” Martyn Mallick BlackBerry VP Global Alliances.

Another thing to keep in mind is that BlackBerry has always had a pretty good working relationship with Facebook so even if the app is not native there is a good chance that eventually the app will come to BlackBerry 10. I am not sure if a native Instagram is a deal breaker to would be buyers, so how many of you are betting your purchase decision on the availability of Instagram? So far that has not made a difference to buyers in the UK, and Canada.

Source: All Things D

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  1. I really don’t care if Instagram comes to BB10 – with the native photo editing it is not needed. But, there are consumers, especially coming from Iphone/Android who will definitely want it. If BlackBerry cannot get Instagram, they should run an add comparing Instagramm with the native photo editing app.

  2. It’s weird that for some strange reason the Z10 is being hypothetically held hostage by that Instagram app. Im sure it would affect sales of this amazing device just because this brand name app isnt there. Without it, some might be thrown off from switching because they think the Z10 is not a capable device wc is not the case. Or that the bb ecosystem sucks. What they dont know is you can do much with just a stock bb phone. Most else are just theatrics. I personally dont use instagram but the people who do might not gain the curiosity to try the Z10 wc is sad because bbs are great communication workhorses. I also dont see what instagram have to lose if they do make the app. It would just gain more user support on their part.

  3. Don’t care.. as long as it works. Just bring it.

  4. I had to Google what instagram is and the concept is very social to the point when they decided to sell users pictures, 25% of their users abandoned ship…
    Personally i dont care for it but Google voice, maps and sync would be nice instead…

  5. @Amir : just launch the browser in desktop mode (under settings/developer tools) and enjoy google maps in your browser 😉

    Note: See the first comment under the AllThingsD article. CrackBerry Kevin posted a picture of Instagram running on his Z10 with the laconic comment : “end of thread”.

  6. Here’s an idea, if Instagram refuses to make a native app for BB10, BlackBerry should just make a built in version for BBM. With 79MM users, they might appreciate the option as it would easily FLOW with their social media experience.

  7. Didn’t crackberry just post an article confirming it coming to BlackBerry 10 using native APIs or something like that??

  8. I know Blackberry wants native apps, but they shouldn’t make a big deal about this. They should just release a statement that says they are very happy Instagram is coming to BB10 and the Z10.

    Really if this is a big deal then thay shouldn’t allow Android port. The whole point of having Android on there is to get apps. Don’t run away from there when you get them!

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