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BlackBerry World Still Missing The Fundamentals – Coupon Codes & Gift Cards


I was really hoping the BlackBerry World team would finally address this HUGE gaping hole in the BlackBerry storefront with the launch of BlackBerry 10. While they did add sweet features like remote installing they are still missing a feature that is basic to every other online store in the world. BlackBerry World currently sits at v4.0.x (years after it launched) and it still does not provide app and game developers the ability to create coupon codes or sell gift cards. That is one huge missed opportunity that I am still shocked BlackBerry has not addressed. BlackBerry actually made the problem worse with BlackBerry 10 by removing OTA installations which was the only reasonable workaround.

Here are just some of the opportunities BlackBerry World is missing by not having such a fundamental feature as coupon codes:

  • Developers are unable to offer flash sales through different channels like Twitter
  • Developers cannot give away copies of their app to create buzz or easily limit the number they give away
  • Websites like BerryReview cannot easily run a contest to giveaway applications or offer readers discounts (This one really bothers me)
  • Developers cannot offer discounts for beta testers, survey respondents, or long standing customers
  • Developers cannot easily give websites review copies of their software

On top of coupon codes BlackBerry is still not able to sell gift cards. This is something that competitive app marketplaces have been doing for ages and it is mind boggling that the BlackBerry World team still does not get how important both of these features are. I am sure it is one of the top questions the BlackBerry Developer Relations team hears about from developers.

I have been speaking to contacts at BlackBerry directly trying to get this issue addressed for years and keep hearing promises that never pan out. It seems like they need to hear it directly from their users so… If you follow any of the BlackBerry execs on Twitter, Facebook, BBM, or elsewhere please make sure to stress to them (multiple times if necessary) how important it is for BlackBerry World to have coupon codes and gift cards ASAP. I am hoping that will help them realize that we cannot go another year without such a crucial feature.


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  1. I hear you on this one.

    We used to have the “beg” option, where you could ask people to buy you an app, but even that is gone now.

    They really should implement Gift cards, at the very least.

  2. A lot of these fundamental things have been missing with BlackBerry. There is a company called Mobiroo that actually made gift cards for BlackBerry Apps and sold them through major retail chains. However, even those gift cards will be annihilated cause BB10 is locked to App World only, so third party app stores can no longer exist. No idea why BlackBerry decided to become like Apple.

  3. Well if it “just” would be coupons & gifts that are missing – with the change from BlackBerry World to AppWorld plenty of CORE functionality have been removed for NO reason at all…

    actually every day I realize more and more functions that HAD been there since the initial release of AppWorld which have been removed in BlackBerry World – like being able to check/lookup your purchased RegistrationCodes via the Web…

    I don’t know why – but all official requests I have send out in the past month have been simply IGNORED.

  4. I missed the days where we would go to Mobihand, type our discounts and get an email with the link to the software. Apple fucked this one up for everybody.

    But BBW has so many issues, I’m not sure this is even on the roadmap for this year. A session at BBJE was full of workarounds to try and get your products out into the right hands, because they’re just too slow at fixing things.

    Devs can’t reply to comments, tons of categories are missing, you can’t target non-English speaking countries properly, etc.

    • Yeah the BlackBerry World team is one of those holdouts that really did not get the kick in the ass they needed for BlackBerry 10. I think they really need to wake up and start pushing the envelope with weekly updates.

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