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SyncLion Offers SMS Backup via IMAP Email on BlackBerry 10

SyncLion SyncLion2

I have been trying to use SyncLion but due to Google Voice I have not been able to successfully test it. Still I had one of my friends try it out and they say it works nicely. SyncLion allows you to automatically backup or archive your SMS to your IMAP capable email account like Gmail and many more. It does not seem to constantly run in the background so it looks like you need to run the app every once in awhile and synchronize. I cannot vouch for how well SyncLion works but it seems to be the only solution currently for BlackBerry 10.

Check out SyncLion for $2.99 in BlackBerry World

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  1. If I’m not mistaken apps can’t run in the background yet. The API is either private or non-existent.

  2. Not sure about that : excerpt from the webworks sdk:
    You can use the Push Service APIs to start running your application when a push message arrives, and to continue running it in the background.

    I found this when I was thinking to start looking to develop something for notifications, but I lack time to do it.

    • Yes, but it’s a slightly different use case and would be more complicated to set up.

      For a backup app to do its job, it needs to sit in the background or be woken up every x minutes by the system. That has not been delivered yet and will be a major source of battery drainage 😀

      In order to implement push, the dev would have to create a server account for every app installed and send push notifications every x minutes.

      I guess another solution would be to “listen” for new email delivery and do a sync then if x minutes have passed. Still more complicated than just using a background service.

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