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PSA: Don’t Charge Your BlackBerry 10 Device With Old Chargers (Amperage)


Most PlayBook owners along with BlackBerry 7, iOS, and Android users have fallen prey to old underpowered cellphone chargers. It is easy to assume that since they all charge via USB or MicroUSB that they should all work. Truthfully there is a critical factor that plays into all mobile chargers that that is the output amperage. With BlackBerry 10 the folks at BlackBerry are recommending at least a 750mA charger to consistently charge the BlackBerry Z10. This is because “Chargers supplying less than 750mA may not provide enough power to sustain a charge on the device during heavy use.”

DSC_7736 DSC_7737

I have been pushing BlackBerry’s super cheap 1.8A chargers on BerryReview since they push out more than double that charge for your house and car. As a comparison BlackBerry is shipping out a 750mAh charger with the BlackBerry Z10. Terrence sent me over some pictures of old BlackBerry chargers. You can clearly see that some of the older charger do not push out the required 750mAh. Please do not use them with your BlackBerry Z10 or else it will barely charge if at all. You can usually see what amperage your charger pushes out by checking where it says output. It will usually either be measured in milliampre like 750mA or in the case of high amperage chargers like the Premium PlayBook charger it will be measured in ampere like 1.8A (which is 1800mA). The “h” in the “mAh” acronym just stands for hour so “mAh” is “milliampere-hour.”

Here are some old chargers to test your new skills out on:

DSC_7740 DSC_7743

DSC_7744 DSC_7746


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  1. I think the most important point here is cross usage from other manufacturers. As an example, I have a family member that was going through the 9000 model like hot cakes, at the end he went through around 4 devices. It later came out that he was using an older motorola charger. Its important to understand just because the other end of the cable can connect to the device does not mean it will work like the original.

  2. So… Z10 needs at least 750mAh to charge properly. Does that mean that the PlayBook 1.8A charger can be used on the Z10 to charge fully and faster?

  3. The charger for the Nexus 7 is perfect for BlackBerrys: 2A 🙂

    • Well well, we don’t actually only look at amp though. Also to consider is the build too.

      I came across a list somewhere, it did, however, list apple, samsung, nokia original chargers are good… But some brands like huawei etc had something in their chargers…

  4. I tried a Griffin charger on my PB and it was no go. It puts out 2A but even with the PB USB cord it wouldn’t run it. Not sure what was up with that but regardless…

  5. Forgot to mention, PlayBook chargers output actually range from 1800ma (1.8A) to 2000ma (2A) depending on region.

    USA (flip blade) is 1.8A, International is 2A 😉

  6. Will charging your device with a high mili-ampere charger break the battery eventually? e.g. charging blackberry 7 device with the 1800mA

    • Its hard to actually pin-point for the legacy devices;
      As mentioned previously by Ronen, the devices have a built in feature to limit the maximum current which i think is 1A.

      However, that said, i would usually charge it either off or in the external charging kit. Because using in the phone while charging can heat it up and its not comfortable anyway.

      But yes, by right if we charge too fast, it sometimes can hurt the cells.

  7. can someone tell me what the output from a laptop would be?
    should I not charge my z10 from my laptop usb port?

  8. This comment is mostly personal observation so may have 0 merit.. but I use my phone and or Playbook daily on my commute and I find if I use the high speed chargers vs a lower amperage charger the battery seems to run out much faster.. Maybe I will have to run an experiment to confirm.

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