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BlackBerry 10 Link USB Sync to Outlook Coming Soon! (Confirmed)

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We have been hearing from quite a few readers that they miss the ability to sync their contacts and calendar with their BlackBerry Z10 and Outlook over USB. Personally I am more of a fan of wireless sync but I do understand the cases where people wish to do a USB sync. That is why I was very excited when Luis pointed out this confirmation from BlackBerry that USB Outlook sync is indeed coming to BlackBerry 10 through BlackBerry Link. Here is what Ty from BlackBerry had to say:

Some of you on this thread are asking how to sync PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer in general. Others just want to do this directly between the phone and computer. We want to address both here.

With BlackBerry 10 the syncing of PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer can be easily configured to happen over the air.  You need to add your existing webmail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10 and set the email, contacts, calendar for syncing. We have posted information on how to do this for example with on the Help Blog.

For those of you for whom over the air synchronization is not an option, we want to assure you that direct sync via USB is also being worked on and we are committed on adding this capability as part of our BlackBerry Link software suite. Our first major update for BlackBerry Link coming in the next few weeks will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Full two-way sync will be added in the next update shortly thereafter. We will provide more information about timing of these features on our various forums and blogs, but you can also look for updates at

In other words you can hold tight for the feature update and kudos to Ty at BlackBerry for clarifying. I heard rumors that this was coming but I did not want to give false hope until I was sure. Viva la USB contact and calendar sync! Hopefully this will be ready before the launch in the US.

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  1. Excellent! Anyone heard about S/MIME support yet? I couldn’t find anything related in Google…

  2. Seems like there is support for work accounts. Not sure about personal:

  3. Well, this is good news for a lot of folks, me included. Still waiting, however, on AT&T and by the time they get around to releasing the device(s) I will have figured out how to do it wirelessly. Gotta keep up with the times, I guess.

  4. I have done everything I could and my contacts and tasks will not since. My calendar syncs wonderfully from Outlook through outlook live

  5. I cannot believe that RIM has launched software that is not able to sync MS Outlook to the BB10 phones. They had it before. So why not now. I need to sync daily. Cant wait for a few weeks for them to get organised.

    I got my phone today and its going back tomorrow. I will have to settle for a iPhone or Android.

    What a disappointment.


    • I was actually foolish enough to wait for BB’s new Z10 as my old BB sync’d with Outlook on 2 different computers with absolutely no effort whatsoever….. and this to me was/is very important. In my opinion, its absolutely ridiculous and stupid that they would release the phone without this feature, as i cannot wait for the “upgrade”. If I were not going out of town Id return this disappointment today and humbly walk into the Android/Iphone stores and look at my options. this WILL happen after the weekend.

      I feel like a fool for waiting…..


  6. Totally agree with Martin, just upgraded to Z10 from 9800 without even considering that the vital function of syncing calender and contacts would have disappeared. Am far from tech savvy and this ommission has caused untold inconvenience trying to get to the bottom of it, not least arguments with my mobile provider as I didn’t believe that this would be the case. Now the solution seems to be using the cloud which I have always been wary of because of security which after all is one of Blackberry’s biggest selling points. Can only suggest Blackberry come up with a robust solve soon otherwise they may have a lot of Z10’s on their shelves.

  7. Thankyou for adding this function. How about adding an auto BCC function as well. Many BB users like to have an automatic copy sent to an office computer for a record.

  8. Great that the USB syncing is being worked on and will be released in the next few weeks, that’s all I wanted to know.

  9. Has the update been released yet? Do we have a target date for the release of the USB Outlook sync?

  10. Hi All.

    What I find really disappointing is there is no feedback to this site from Blackberry. No dates of launch, no hype. I just get the feeling that they don’t care. We just have to take it or leave it.

    I am getting a very negative vibe around this. I have 4 more contracts to renew. With this attitude from Blackberry, I think I might be looking elsewhere.

    How do they ignore us like this?


    • I have been trying to dig out a date but have not had much luck. Possibly before the US launch is what I am hearing but they don’t want to make any promises.

      • And when is the launch in the US? What makes that so important?

        Surley satisfying the the thousands who have already bought the phones deserve a speedy response and update?

        Blackberry must stop upsetting its loyal customers with such a dismissive attitude.


  11. I posted last week about this issue and now I’m glad i’m not the only one thats pissed for waiting. I returned my device after spending a few hours trying to configure “link” to do what my storm did effortlessly and thats sync my outlook to my device. Im now doing what I tried to avoid and thats look for alternatives as BB will likely take forever to upgrade this mandatory feature.

  12. Though BB dropped the ball on this, CompanionLink has offered a BB10 to Outlook USB sync from day one. It’s not free, but worth it if you don’t want to send all your data to a cloud.

  13. I think you guys may be missing the fact that you can do wireless sync with any exchange account. That means an overwhelming percentage of businesses will be able to sync. You will rarely find products anymore that support cable sync to Outlook because it causes some serious conflicts when you have cable synced data conflicting with wirelessly synced data.

    In short you really should consider using wireless sync using Exchange,, Gmail, or many of the other free services. On top of that there are apps out there that will wirelessly sync Outlook to any of these services.

    I could be wrong but is there any reason you do not want to do wireless sync?

    • No, were not missing any facts and most of us are reasonably tech savvy as well. BB always had a hedge against others for their “security”, however one wants to define that, AND, their sync feature worked brilliantly with more than one machine. I dont see most BB users purchasing the z10 for tweeting friends and being on facebook 23/24 hours, and if like myself, have a very productive business or security – sensitive occupation, then we don’t want our information being overtly compromised along the way. Wireless syncing means your information/data is no longer your own, and i am quite uncomfortable with this fact. Anyways, this is something they should have understood a tad better…makes me wonder what else they’ve “forgotten”.

      • Trust me I work in security so I know the feeling. I try to keep as much of my life private as possible. Still I use Gmail and exchange to sync my email so I am not really sharing any details with those servers that is not already being sent through those servers to those email addresses. All the synching is being done over HTTPS or ActiveSync encryption which is similar.

        Still I feel you which is why I am glad BlackBerry is bringing cable sync back. Still as someone who was on BES before wireless sync is the way to go if you can stomach the data sharing.

  14. This is a great phone. It is unfortunate that BlackBerry left off some basic working features that their customers want, without consulting them.

    I live in Africa, where they have a great market. But where network is not great. OTA and cable syncing is critical.

    Sending mail copies to my own mailbox is important.

    And so I can carry on.

    They need to get on with bringing the features that we want back again and quickly.

  15. Has anyone noticed that the message from this Ty who is supposed to be from BlackBerry has been circulated for over a month and it says ‘Our first major update for BlackBerry Link coming in the next few weeks will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone’. Next few weeks? The message also says this ‘We will provide more information about timing of these features on our various forums and blogs, but you can also look for updates at‘. But when you go to the site, there is no mention at all about an upcoming update, much less USB or bluetooth sync to Outlook. Has anyone checked if this Ty is really from BlackBerry? Does BlackBerry even have any plans of adding the Outlook sync function to the Z10? If BlackBerry wanted to add that function, would it not have taken at most just a couple of days to do it considering that they already have the code on all of the previous models?

  16. My BB has a personal and a business section. Is it then possible to synchronize my private Outlook only at the personal Site?
    The business Site are synchronized via Exchange.
    I would like to maintain a strict separation between personal and business section.

  17. So they’ve launched the update. This update is rubbish. Its a one way import. We need to have a 2 way sync which is only due some time in the future.

    Was this put in place to pacify us. Does RIM/BB think we are fools?


    Has anyone noticed that you cant share anything in a blackberry group. You can do this in WhatsApp. Really was hoping that BB would revolutionise BBM10 but it seems just more of the same!

  19. Betrayed by Blackberry:

    I just returned by BB10 after much frustration and run around… trust me, this isn’t a “Blackberry” although its a iPhone for grownups with an amazing touchscreen keyboard.

    My story:
    I was brought up to understand the difference between right and wrong and that if you didn’t have something nice to say, to not say anything at all however, as a big fan and customer who goes back 10+years to the original devices, I draw the line at the betrayal I feel at the hands of RIM/Blackberry.

    First things first; its a misnomer that they’ve changed their “name” to just “Blackberry” because with the new devices, the truth is they are no longer selling and supporting “Blackberry’s” in any way shape or form, but rather, they’re now just another smart phone manufacturer like Apple, Samsung etc. trying to cash in on the “computer in the pocket” demographic who are seemingly fixated on Apps for their toys rather than real world productivity and efficient communications.

    And its with this in mind, that I ask myself what they’ve been smoking up in Waterloo, because if they think for one moment that the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy users will migrate to the new BlackBerry devices, their out of their minds… worse, they’re losing customers like me.

    Its really quite simple, they’ve betrayed their long time supporters and defenders… you know, us folks who became the objects of ridicule for sticking with their archaic software driven devices while the world moved forward.

    Gone is security, push mail, a unified email experience and the real slap in the face to many customers, most especially business customers everywhere; gone is syncing with Outlook at your desktop, one of the main reasons so many of us stuck Blackberry… Its critical to be able to sync your calendar, contacts, notes and tasks (all this along with losing our “Password Keeper” which was one of RIM’s many incredibly useful innovations.)

    I have no choice but to move on and purchase an iPhone or Galaxy (both of which I detest using) simply so that I can sync with Outlook (and please don’t talk to me about the various “workarounds” which have all proven to be problematic at best that I could have tried to employ with the BB10) so sell off your stock folks, before all is lost.

    • This message is for John Elliot. thank you for this email man… PLEASE let me know what smartphone you find that syncs with my outlook without third part apps or band aids…. ill send along my direct email if your kind enough to respond to me.

      • Hi John, your most welcome.

        This entire fiasco has Canadian and UK small business customers infuriated and its Blackberry’s arrogance and dismissal of the concerns of their long time core customers/supporters that’s most upsetting.

        When they launch in the USA I can’t imagine the blow back…

        But then in heir 11th hour haste and fear, 2 days ago BB released an updated BB Link to allow 1-wat USB sync so that you can at least import your Contacts and Calender but guess what?

        After hours of trying to set up and use this update which I received for this from Telus, the 5th Telus support person finally referred the matter to management and can back and said sorry, this updated doesn’t work in your “area” (meaning “Canada”) its only set to work in the USA…

        Really? Thanks Blackberry… you suck.

    • Hi John,

      Sorry you feel that way. I am a bit confused though. What exactly are you talking about the things that are gone? Security is actually improved, push email works just fine and better than older BlackBerrys, and unified inbox has been improved to actually be able to take action. The only thing I am missing is a easy way to swipe between messages that I know is coming. 🙂

      Just to give you a heads up the Galaxy devices do not sync with Outlook. No modern device really does except for iOS and that is only really due to legacy support and it really screws things up if you have any online accounts with contacts or iCloud.

      I was actually really impressed that BlackBerry is bringing contact sync to support the people who want it but the market has spoken. Wireless sync is the way to go and it works beautifully with Outlook. For those who cannot afford exchange I have seen betas of the Link app that does do contact sync so it is coming shortly. I think it is really cool that BlackBerry is investing time in it since no other platform is.

      Keep in mind you are only really seeing the first draft of BlackBerry 10. When BlackBerry first came out it didn’t even have contacts and when iOS came out it didn’t have apps. There are many improvements coming especially for people who have always appreciated how BlackBerry focuses on getting things done faster.

  20. I agree with Ronen. For the most part, BB10 is a step forward towards modern smartphone systems. If you need Outlook USB sync with BB10, spend $50 and use CompanionLink. Problem solved.

    • Or just wait a month or so and continue using the BlackBerry 7 devices. Its not like they turned them off. That is why they had a little more time to perfect the BlackBerry Q10 because the 9900 is still a solid device.

  21. Really?? I’m sorry you’re confused…

    I would think the 1000’s of upset loyal BB folks who have been posting just days after the launch here in Canada would make the issues clear.

    The Blackberry we knew and loved is dead in pursuant of the iPhone and Android crowd…. good luck with that.

    Re “I was actually really impressed that BlackBerry is bringing contact sync to support the people who want it but the market has spoken.” Bull shit… please get current… why the hell do you think I and others have returned the BB10??

    Re “Just to give you a heads up the Galaxy devices do not sync with Outlook”…

    Wrong again, please get up to speed before posting seemingly definitive statements:

    Bottom line, if you looked into the issues if by visiting Blackberry’s own Web Site and its Forum, you’d quickly learn why folks feel deceived and betrayed.

  22. Re: “If you need Outlook USB sync with BB10, spend $50 and use CompanionLink. Problem solved.”…

    To the statement “Problem Solved”; Not true…

    Your Contacts and Calender are on their Cloud not safe and secure on your on PC in addition to the other known issues… is nobody listening??

    All we want is a fully functioning Desk Top Manager just like we’ve had for years… simply put; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  23. Re ” Or just wait a month or so and continue using the BlackBerry 7 devices. Its not like they turned them off. That is why they had a little more time to perfect the BlackBerry Q10 because the 9900 is still a solid device”

    Your absolutely correct, the 9900 is still a solid device but to add insult to injury, I traded in my device not knowing the BB10 wasn’t what we were lead to believe it was and was advised yesterday there was know way of getting it back but was offered a new 3-yr contract on a new $ 650.00 9900… what I have reimbursed was $ 60.00… nice huh?

    • Gotta go with John Elliot on this one as his BB experience mirrors my own, and likely thousands of others. I stuck it out with BB as I loved the product (also Canadian based, eh’) and thought they’d eventually catch up to the rest of the world. I bought my Z10 “assuming” that the base functionality of the system would be intact. Syncing via USB is important to me (and it looks like a lot of other people as well) for several reasons that I do not wish to discuss here, and lack of technical aptitude is NOT one of them. And, If i wanted to spend $50 on a third party app for synchronization, WTF was I waiting for BB for?? I literally spent hours trying to sync my phone with outlook as i could not rationalize the fact that BB “forgot” to include this in their programming. When i realized how much time was lost with this device on a function that is important to me, but not to BB, I was royally pissed. Returned the device, reloaded all the old software, got my storm back, and went back to business.
      If BB’s business plan was based on strictly gaining new market share without considering the existing market that literally kept them in business these last few years, they’ve made a very big mistake. I truly hope they increase market share with new users as it is a very nice product ….. but i’m going to take my time now and compare.
      I see that the Android syncs with outlook via USB (thanks John E), so I’m going to wait for the new S4 to see what it can do for me.

      • Android-Sync works very well. I bought that software ($29) for her Galaxy S3 and had zero issues with it. I tried Samsung’s Kies software, but Android-Sync is much easier and works better. It is virtually identical to Microsoft’s old Active-Sync software…in fact it feelsl like the same software…but I can’t say that with any credibitility for sure…but I can say that “it just works”.

        I’ve been holding out to get the BB10, I currently have the Torch 9800, but without full two-way sync, I will regretably switch to the Android and buy another copy of Android-Sync.

        Cloud solutions do not work for me, not because of security concerns, they just don’t support all four functions of Outlook. I’m a small business and don’t have a large IT department with Exchange and BES running.

        It looks like Blackberry is trying to capture the large business customer and the home consumer. They have completely ignored the small business / consultant / type of client.

        My kids got the Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920). Wonderful phone, but even Microsoft doesn’t sync with Outlook. Pity!

        It’s ironic that the iPhone and Android are the best devices to sync with Microsoft’s flagship Outlook product that most people use for business, which is the market Blackberry is suposedly catering to.

  24. Ronen … can you get a little bit more specific than a month or so? … all these big companies have internal target release dates for announcements or new releases. Honestly, this is like the automotive industry delivering the next year new models … oops … it doesn’t take gas yet — that feature is coming in awhile … N

  25. Ive been reading a lot of this on the web lately:

    “ITG analyst Joseph Fersedi, for one, claimed that the “U.S. launch of the Z10 started poorly and weakened significantly as the days passed,” and described overall sales as “marginally ahead of anemic.” Detwiler Fenton analyst Jeff Johnston, meanwhile, said that things were so bad for BlackBerry in the U.S. that “key retail partners have seen a significant increase in Z10 returns to the point where, in several cases, returns are now exceeding sales, a phenomenon we have never seen before.”

    its really too bad because it is a good product, just very poorly executed with its “lack of” important features…. but it seems like the rash of complaints on this site, and others, has taken a toll. Realistically, these are not clever business people, just some very smart geeks that got lucky with a once fantastic product….

  26. John Elliot — THANK YOU for writing what I don’t have to now.

    I too am very frustrated with this whole ‘love of cloudy sync’ by Apple, BlackBerry and Microsoft.

    My opinion is simple: If you had a feature like Outlook synchronization via cable, keep it and add ‘cloudy sync’ if you like. Don’t make me use some stupid consumer-grade webmail to sync my life!! No way.

    My company does not allow ANY business information on NON-company owned servers. BlackBerry OS 10, Microsoft Surface RT will never be used.

    Apple almost blew it, but you can disable iCloud features on the iPhone and sync contact, notes and calendars with a cable to Outlook and/or Mac mail & contacts. In addition, you can use IPSEC, etc. for VPN to email.

    Microsoft and Blackberry need a reality check — talk to people who actually use these tools at both work and home. Not just fluttering to the next shiny object and ‘ooooh’ cloud is so cool — it will solve all ills with no FDA required disclaimer. 😉

    I guess the execs were too busy counting stock options and having industry pundits blowing fairy dust ‘on them’ to read insightful articles from publications like the FT and the Economist that said — people want to bring their own device to business and want flexibility.

    If you want to play in the business world you need to have segmentation and the ability for people to separate their worlds — that means: cable sync, VPN. AND a desktop program that allows for configuring synchronizing, etc. Oh, I almost forgot, iTunes does most of that!!
    ..or if you love cloud, then cloud sync.

    Did these companies just fall asleep??

    • Hi Rich,

      I feel your pain but can I ask what company you work for that does not have ActiveSync? Unless it is a very small company I have found very few that do not have Exchange or at the very least Google Apps or Outlook 365.

      • Hi Ronen,

        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Exchange ActiveSync only “sync” 30 days of calendar?

        I have seen it in action on my friends Android device and he showed me that it is limited to 30 days syncing.

        This is a problem for both me and my wife.

      • What is this total denial that there are issues with cloud? Cloud is not a panacea. It is one of many solutions that are effective depending on requirements (or user stories for the Agile crowd ;))

        Google Apps and Outlook 365 are ALL consumer-grade CLOUDY/ Internet requiring APPs. They have a place, but not in my business. Have you read Google’s privacy policy??

        ActiveSync is no longer available after Windows XP and Windows Mobile/Phone 6. The Surface RT does not have sync services or work with ActiveSync (Microsoft’s old sync with a cable program).

        See here for almost the same thread on Windows 8 Phones:

        Why do I need to cludge something with 3rd-party apps and consumer cloud, when it all worked well before?

        Here’s a ‘new concept’ [for the chasing after bright shiny objects crowd] — keep the working features and ADD new ones!!

        • Hi Rich,

          I hate to point it out but I think you may have missed a memo. ActiveSync is built into every Exchange server since 2000 and is not a desktop solution. It is supported on all phones and is the recommended way to sync your information with Exchange on a mobile device.

          You are confusing the very dated ActiveSync technology for Windows Mobile phones with the ActiveSync server technology that is the current standard for mobile devices.

          Outlook USB sync is coming very soon. On the other hand it is a dated legacy solution that is in no way ideal or even supported by Microsoft themselves as a recommended option. There are multiple third party solutions until BlackBerry Link is updated if it is as critical as you are saying. On the other hand USB sync is like a floppy disk in a digital downloads world.

          • Hi Rohen,

            I understand that Microsoft doesn’t want to support any direct USB syncing. As a matter of fact, I don’t think any big business wants it. I understand why they want to push cloud services. They want to control everything that is moved between the PC and other devices. By controlling the data transfer, they could drastically reduce piracy, viruses, etc. By pushing “dumb terminals” into the hands of more people, they could limit what gets “copied”. There is a big push to return to the pre-PC days of “mainframes and terminals”. Now I know that society will not revert completely to that model, but if you think about it, every person using a phone/tablet like device and getting their content from the cloud, is one more person not using a PC and thus less likely to steal IP and more likely to buy it. Now I agree with a lot of this, but it upsets me that in order to move to that model, I am supposed to lose the great functionality of my current Outlook(PC)/BB combination. As you can tell, I am a small business.

            I disagree with another analogy you made between floppy diskettes and the digital download world. I think the modern floppy diskette is more powerful and popular than ever: the USB memory key. Everyone I know, including my wife and kids and most of their friends, has one and uses it quite often. My kids have to do homework assignments/presentations and bring them to school on the USB key.

  27. Rich – your pain is heartfelt. But there are 3rd-party apps that offer connected and secure USB sync. I’ve mentioned one above. Since my post, another low-cost ($24.99) product has arisen to solve this problem –

    My point is: yes you are right, but there are solutions out there.

    • Hi MJ,

      I don’t know about, but I read up on CompanionLink and although it does sync with Outlook, it creates it’s own accounts on the phone; it doesn’t use the native ones in BB10. This is extremely disappointing. It is the reason why I’m not updating my Torch. I refuse to stop using Outlook on my PC (I basically can’t at work; its entrenched into everything I do).

      I looked into a Windows 8 phone; my two kids got that one in March and for them it is a great phone. Unfortunately, and extremely surprising, it doesn’t sync with Outlook either. My kids (i.e. personal, home use) setup accounts and use that; for them the system works.

      My wife upgraded from an iPhone, which did sync with Outlook as Rich mentioned, to Android. It is her personal phone; i.e. not a corporate phone. She tried the cloud services, Yahoo, Gmail and and was very disappointed with all of them. She loved Outlook on the PC and gave up the cloud services. I purchased Android Sync for about $30 and it syncs with Outlook flawlessly. It reminds me of the old (original) MS ActiveSync software.

      The idea of cloud services is “nice” in the sense of “not having to sync”, or rather, all devices always being “up-to-date”. Unfortunately, the services that are out there are very inferior to Outlook on the PC. Just as Rich said, why do they have to remove a good solution, only to replace it with an (in my opinion) inferior solution. Why not offer both to the end user and let the end user decide which way they want to go?????

      I know my wife would have switched back to Blackberry, from the iPhone, if BB10 supported USB sync. Instead she opted for the Samsung Galaxy S3 because of it’s bigger screen size, over the iPhone 5. She likes some of the apps but hates the virtual keyboard. She hated it on the iPhone and continues to hate it on the Galaxy S3. It is ironic that the two software systems that sync with Microsoft Outlook are made by Applie (iTunes) and Google (via third party software).

    • Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look.

  28. I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    Thanks MJ.

  29. Ronen … surely YOU understand that there are over 20 million small businesses in North America under the size of 5 employees that don’t run MS Exchange Server.

    What, does the marketplace have to do the business case for BB before they raise the priority of this and get it into the marketplace.?? They understood at one time …

    I need to know, one way or the other … is it coming or not


    Neil t.

  30. 3rd party fill-in apps don’t cut it … here is what tech support says from

    “Unfortunately, our product only syncs the top level Outlook contact folders.
    Matt J.
    Technical Support

    I have a multiple data files for multiple states … plus … I don’t trust 3rd party SW in potentially corrupting my master data files in Outlook.

    This is mission critical big league stuff … BB needs to step it up. Coming Soon … so is Chirstmas … I’ve been waiting for 2 months … tx. … Neil T.

  31. so, “why” is there so much controversy over different devices syncing with Microsoft Outlook? two major reasons:

    1) Android, apple, et al to come want you to be part of their mega-data system via cloud syncing. why would they want to support a competitor when they could do it themselves?

    2) and even more important is the $$$$$$$$$$$$ associated with this. Every time you sync via cloud, everything you surfed on the web, everywhere you’ve been via tracking software, everything you’ve texted or emailed, and your daily routine and appointments via outlook are meticulously categorized, and packaged in such a way that corporations, governments and companies will pay $$$$$$$$$ for this incredible market research, willfully submitted by all of us. A good example is the PVR box for home viewing where viewing habits are so easily tracked so the programming is tailored to our viewing habits.

    BB wants a piece of this pie and i don’t blame them. I’m sure they’re trying to figure out this quagmire…. which is why things are taking so long.

    • Wireless sync is not a money maker for BlackBerry. If anything it costs them money since they have to pay Microsoft to license the technology. Also you do realize that just because you sync something with the cloud does not mean it is shared with anyone else. If you setup your own exchange server then its all on you to keep it private.

      There is no BlackBerry program to “Want’s part of the pie.” If anything they have been offering USB sync until now and shortly for the BlackBerry 10 devices purely because customers want it. It has nothing to do with money. They make 85% of their money off selling devices. All they care about is selling more devices and keeping those customers.

      • Ronen, if you truly believe that, then I have some prime oceanfront property in Arizona for you……. at a very, very good price.

        • Just look at their public SEC filings John. They state exactly where their revenues come from every month. Or are you suggesting that they are lying on them and their executives are risking jail time?

  32. I was eagerly awaiting a BB that could access 4g lte networks. I’m still using my BB Tour.
    I was excited about the Q10, but it’s a big disappointment.
    I do not, and will not, use cloud applications as my primary business service. I will not use Office 365 or other applications that REQUIRE an internet connection to work. I do NOT have a wireless card for my laptop, and I cannot connect from many of my customer’s sites even if I did.
    I don’t think I should have to pay for a hosted Microsoft Exchange account in order to use my cell phone!
    Saying that cloud applications are secure is naive … anything sent out of your computer to the internet is vulnerable in many ways. It’s about as secure as sending your income tax return to another room in your house by putting it in an unsealed envelope, mailing it to someone across the country, and having it mailed back to you … still in an unsealed envelope; it’s secure only if none of the 30 or so people who had access to it wanted to look at it.
    (I was a signals intelligence officer in the military; I’m mildly paranoid about doing something that gives people the opportunity to access my personal information if it’s not absolutely necessary.)
    I’ve avoided going to an iPhone or Android device because of the necessity of workarounds to sync with Outlook, but if I’m going to have to do that anyway, why should I stick with the Blackberry?
    I guess I’ll be shopping for a new device.

    • Hi Tim,
      ive posted on this site mirroring everything you have said in your post, and agree with you 100%. BB says they will be releasing a sync feature any time now ( under protest I’m sure), but if you find an alternative that syncs with outlook effortlessly without a crappy third party app….. please let me know…

  33. Did you guys miss the BlackBerry link update late last week that added two way contact sync on OS 10.1?

    • Hi Ronen,

      is this a full sync, or for contacts only?

      • Full sync!

        • Does “full sync” include Tasks and Notes/Memo’s?

          There is no mention about this in the link that you posted.

          • Hi.

            I have downloaded it and tried to use it. It does not work.

            I have even wiped my phone and deleted link and downloaded it again. It does NOT work at all.


          • No, this update of BBLINK does not sync Tasks and Notes.

            • What a totally stupid thing to take features out of a new phone that people had in the past. Outlook notes doesn’t sync to anything? WTF? If calendar and contacts can sync, why not tasks and notes? wish I had kept my torch and the old blackberry usb sync software which worked just fine. There is no benefit to upgrading with Blackberry, just headaches and hassles. Stupid that I can download my entire freaking hard drive onto my blackberry – which I have no interest in ever doing – but I can’t sync my notes and tasks, which is a basic productivity necessity. Stupid RIM. Despite a GREAT keyboard I’m so pissed off that I won’t be sticking with the blackberry going forward.

              • $24.99 buys you BB10 PC Sync, which handles Outlook notes and tasks. It’s worth it.

              • You have to understand Kelly, The festival of geniuses at BB executed a brilliant marketing plan: “lets make a great phone better by offering less sync services than our previous models, and piss off a huge section of our loyal customers who actually waited for the new BB’s to come out.” Im one of them. BB is still making great profits and has no debt whatsoever, but their market share and income is dropping faster than confidence in Obamacare. Meanwhile, Samsung & Apple are doing battle to see who can come up with the best new toy….. and BB is not even on their radar. its just a matter of time for this company to quietly dissipitate ….like microsoft and their new windows format…. yuckk. in the meantime, i have my storm while Im waiting for someone to come out with a simple feature of syncing outlook via phone to laptop without cloud services. I may be waiting in vain, but i dont think so.

  34. Sometimes, you get customers who change the structure
    of a website, and the search engines still know about the old
    structure, so people click on links that take them to missing pages.
    This is easy to fix.

    If you want to redirect missing pages to the index.html page of a website, put this line into the .
    htaccess file inside of the root of the domain. Sometimes, this is
    /web or /httpdocs.

  35. Read this today on cnn:

    “BlackBerry’s (BBRY) directors have formed a special committee “to explore strategic alternatives to enhance value and increase scale” in order to boost sales of its BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Blackberry stock plunged about 30% in late June, after the company announced disappointing sales and a loss for the quarter ending June 1. The crux of the problem is its Blackberry 10, newly released in January. The all-touchscreen Z10 was intended to be the catalyst for the company’s turnaround, but has failed to impress consumers. ”

    With this expected announcement and Apple’s new I phone slated for September 10, this could bed the curtain call for this once great company…. all because they failed to provide the full sync feature to people like me…….

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