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Silent Foto Free Takes Simple Silent Pictures on BlackBerry 10

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I have always been annoyed with BlackBerry forcing the BlackBerry cameras to make a noise. I have not seen an actual camera in years that does not allow you to turn this sound off but cellphone vendors seem to think otherwise. Either way S4BB has stepped in on BlackBerry 10 to create Silent Foto Free which allows you to take simple pictures silently. It does not have half as many options as the native camera app but it does work well and is totally silent. Your only real option is to turn the flash on and off and possibly move focus. There is also in app payment support to remove the small ads.

Check out Silent Foto Free in BlackBerry World

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  1. I thought the clear reason for this was to prevent people taking compromising pictures of others undetected. If so, the difference between phones and cameras is obvious. If you have a real camera, you are showing everyone that you have a camera whereas on a phone, you can be made to look like you’re doing something else on your phone while you’re taking that picture and uploading to People of Walmart or what not.

    Does a screenshot of the video screen not work for this on BB10? Since they made screenshots natively simple like on the PlayBook, that should be fairly easy… unless the screenshot also makes noise.

  2. Review by “BR Team” yet it starts with “I”. Why hide behind BR Team? Turning off the shutter sound is legal is the majority of countries. So, why would BBRY not comply???

  3. your car can go above 65mph but you usually abide to those laws. same goes for the camera situation.

  4. Only reason why anyone would want to silence a shutter is so they can take pictures without anyone noticing. I’m sure the parents of little boys and girls in the changing rooms at the local community centre would appreciate how annoying a shutter sound can be.

    • I hear your concern Tommy. Personally I needed silent foto last week while at a community concert where I did not want a loud shuttering sound every time I took a perfectly allowed picture. Also take public events like children’s graduation speeches where you don’t want to hear camera snaps constantly. Assuming that people will use it for bad purposes is treating the symptom not the cause. Especially considering the fact that every other camera, including cheap pen or other spy cameras, are not held to this restriction.

      It seems like a carrier by carrier policy decision in the US with carriers like AT&T saying its OK and Sprint saying they have a policy that requires a click sound. In Korea I know it is required along with some areas in Europe. Personally I think predators will sadly find it very easy to bypass the restriction and honest users like us are left to suffer from it.

    • @Tommy,

      Some people like to take pictures of wildlife without scaring them off and some grandparents like to take pics of their sleeping grandkids without waking them, and there’s a million other legitmate reasons to not want your camera to make an annoying sound like maybe not having someone’s wedding video being full of clicks as guests take pics on their phones.

      The reason you mentioned (giving a warning to people that their picture is being taken) also isn’t prevented by a shutter sound – BlackBerry phones have HD video which will record high quality video and sound without giving any sort of warning, something the creepy pervs you’re talking about are likely to be much more interested in – they can still capture still from that video too.

      The sound does nothing to prevent problems and not being able to turn it off just causes issues for legitimate users.

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