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Latest iOS Update Shows that the iPhone is "Enterprise Ready"

 Iphone Lock Screen

You have to wonder if Apple even bothers testing their iOS updates with enterprises in mind. Their latest iOS update to v6.1 included a whole slew of wonderful bugs that just make it seem anything but “Enterprise Ready.” First of all the new update has been banned at a growing number of enterprises since it causes extreme load on the exchange server until the whole iOS device stops trying to get email. Maybe Apple doesn’t have any beta testing customers using Exchange?

Things get even more “Enterprise Ready” with the latest password screen bypass bug that showed up in iOS 6.1. It allows anyone with access to your phone to bypass your iPhone or iPad lockscreen and get into the phone app and phone book. It only takes a few seconds. This is the second time this bug has cropped up in iOS so Apple should have known better. Last but not least you have to love how they continue to get jailbroken and even their updates are getting jailbroken.

You have to admit it almost seems like Apple does not test iOS for enterprises or possibly the OS is just inherently insecure with Apple trying to bolt on security?

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  1. So sad. Also hilarious

  2. Any why isn’t this in major news?

    Ohhh BB has a 10 min outage…front page news and stock drops in value!

    • +10000000

    • people are morons…

    • Yah! People only want to hear what they want to hear. iPhones are enterprise ready because they want to use them to access my work stuff. People just don’t want to hear the truth. They are afraid what they might hear. Personally I don’t understand why CIOs are so eager to embrace the whole BYOD concept when they haven’t yet tried to understand what the risks are. BlackBerry 10 is the game changer RIM needed for businesses all over!

  3. Iphone has always been primarily a consumer phone with enterprise just slapped on.

  4. Can’t believe you went there 😉

    Remember – we no longer have the bullet-proof and hardened OS we used to have. Security problems *will* be found…

    • Hey Marc!
      You know I am a security guy so I say with confidence that there will always be security issues and most likely an exploit for BlackBerry 10. What I was trying to point out was that iOS which claims it is ready for enterprises seems to not be tested for enterprises before launching an OS update. In other words they don’t have people testing exchange compatibility and simple lock screen bypass methods. Especially methods that have bit them in the ass before.

    • All OSs will have security flaws. With some, the flaws are everywhere and they cannot be managed. iOS is notorious for it’s security exploits. It can be hacked in minutes. The same is true for Android. With others, like QNX, the flaws found thus far have to do with what the user does and the nature of the Internet. QNX is not entirely new so many of the “holes” have been patched over the last 10 years or so. Some vulnerabilities have yet to be found, and there are many looking for exploits in BlackBerry 10. I think I trust BlackBerry to manage those vulnerabilities better than the other two. Security is their business. They pride themselves in it.

  5. Nothing will happen unfortunately until a major company has a breach through an ios device. Until that happens no one apparently cares how secure or not secure those devices are because “theyre cool and easy to use.”

    • I agree with you and all of you, ya’ll are right on all counts.
      It’s all about people’s acceptance and what they want and desire. If security comes with it, great and if not…who’s interested in their company and if something goes wrong they probably have insurance and a long line of well dressed good speakers lined up for a court challenge.
      Besides, wasn’t that what 2011 and 2012 been all about? lawsuits, eh?
      Blackberry needs some time to shape up and get their new OS up to speed, get recognized and finally reaccepted.
      There is always a lag time of acceptance before and after success and failure. Catch my drift Blackberry?

    • Someone will then want the head of that CIO. Isn’t that what Lazaridis warned a couple of years ago?

  6. I hooked up my iPhone to my PC via a USB cable and used the iPhone’s Internet connection to download the v6.1 upgrade…

    Was I surprised, or was I surprised, when the upgrade turned my device into a brick… I had to restore it from scratch…

    In the BlackBerry world you download all bits and pieces to the device before the upgrade is initiated; since you might loose your Internet connection if you do it otherwise :0)

    This is not the case in the Apple world :0(

    But I assume I should be happy that I failed to do the upgrade :0)


    I’m waiting for my Z10 to arrive soon…

    When I have it in my pocket; I will use my iPone as an ice scraper, or something else it might be good at ;0)

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