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The Current State of Phone Call Recording on BlackBerry 10 (Partial Solution)

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I did some digging into voice recording on BlackBerry 10 after Terrence pointed out a few Voice and Phone Call recording apps in BlackBerry World. I did find some interesting things that point to voice recording being a distinct possibility on BlackBerry 10 but currently there are quite a few caveats. First of all I tried using the voice notes feature in BlackBerry 10’s Remember app during a phone call and was greeted with an error that said it cannot work while other apps are playing sound. With that out the door I dug into third party apps.

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I then decided to try Phone Call Recorder ($1.99) by the very reputable ToySoft development house. This app allowed me to press the record during the phone call but no matter what I did it just recorded white noise. I thought it might be like Android apps that record using the microphone so I put the call on speakerphone but still I got no audio. Real shame since this was a native app. I will be contacting ToySoft about it to see if they can fix it.

I then treaded into the Android ports on BlackBerry World that claim to do voice or phone call recording. First I tried Call Recorder by ManMdeWebsApps ($1.99) but that also did not work at all. After that loss of $1.99 I decided to try the free uRecord app. uRecord seems to work through the microphone and only caught faint audio when I was not on speakerphone. On the other hand when I put it on speakerphone it worked decently though you could also hear everything else going on around you.

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Last but not least I tried Recorder by Luckyrin which was also free but an Android port. I was surprised to find it worked! Recorder allowed me to start a recording during a call and it would save it to the device. It managed to catch audio even when I did not have the phone on speakerphone though it did also record the audio from my surroundings. The application is a bit glitchy and the buttons are not as responsive as I would like but it does work!

I am still digging into this further but feel free to share your research and findings in the comments!

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  1. Are you able to record outgoing calls?!?! Because you can record incoming calls with GoogleVoice but not outgoing… TNX Ronen

  2. Phone Call Recorder actually DOES work! At least according to this commenter here on CB:

    Apparently it’s a settings/config issue, but it does work once it’s fiddled with a bit, I guess contact Toysoft for help…or BB? Not sure

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