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How To Check For App & Game Updates on BlackBerry 10 (BlackBerry World)

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BlackBerry 10 will automatically check for new updates to your apps every once in awhile but if you want to manually check there is a nice little feature hidden in BlackBerry World. Brian pointed out to me that there have been some regular updates to BlackBerry’s native apps including Connect to DropBox, Facebook, Twitter, and more that people are only seeing later. You can manually perform a check for new updates in your apps by following these steps:

  1. Launch BlackBerry World
  2. Click the action menu on the bottom left
  3. Select My World and then select “My Apps & Games”
  4. Press the overflow menu on the bottom right (three dots) and select “Check for Updates”
  5. You can now view all the updates in one place by using the drop down menu on the top of the page and selecting “Updates.” Your updates will also show up as notifications in the hub

IMG_00000562 IMG_00000563

You should not be doing this often but if you want to make sure you have the latest version this works nicely. Now BlackBerry just needs to allow you to set certain apps to update automatically when you are on Wi-Fi.

Note: You may have noticed that quite a few apps have updates including:

BlackBerry Maps updated to
Facebook updated to
BlackBerry Newstand to
Foursquare to
Connect to Dropbox to
Twitter to

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