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BlackBerry Z10 A Perfect Typing Device for Bilingual Users

IMG_00000170Over the years I have tried quite a few touch screen devices including the iPhone, and several Androids; but it always feels like a task typing on them. One thing I find it to be a pain is having to switch language each time I want to type in Spanish. Sure you can say that on Android you got the swipe keyboard, and all the other keyboards that you can adjust, but I really don’t like spending time doing that. Guess what BlackBerry 10 does this and more right out of the box. Even with the customization on other devi I find it harder to write long message. That is not the case with the new BlackBerry 10.

One example when I type in both English and Spanish you usually have to change the language, or try typing Spanglish that gives Android devices a headache. On the new BB Z10 it recognizes when I am using either language without having to change it. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the Z10 even lets me type in both languages (Spanglish) at the same time without obsessively correcting my words; if it does is usually slang or misspelled words in either language.  I will agree with my friend Mac, I am super slow at typing on a touch screen device. With the Z10 I find myself becoming faster and faster the more I use it, and it feels intuitive.  Another plus that you have with the Z10 the ability to edit and add word shortcuts. I know some of you may say Android can do a ton of this things, but the thing is am usually lazy and I hate having to spend time customizing and learning to swype, and all that stuff. That is the reason why I really like the keyboard on the Z10 it just work and I don’t have to do much.

If you are wondering how do you add custom word shortcuts follow this steps.

  • First swipe down to bring up the settings menu
  • Second click on settings and select Language and Input
  • Third Click on Automated Assistant
  • Last click on Word Substitution and you can add your word shortcuts

The keyboard has definitely help transition from a QWERTY device to an all touch and making typing faster on the Z10.

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  1. There are a lot of users that don’t want to spend hours customizing their device and yet the Z10 is still better out of the box!

  2. So have they simply renamed AutoText to Word Substitution? That’s one of my favourite features. Most of the words I type are single letters, t=the, r=are,u=you, etc.

    Automatic language detection is really neat. But I imagine it puts a slight strain on resources to constantly be checking what you type against multiple dictionaries. And I guess if you are typing a word which is close to a word in one language and also another word in another, they would have to suggest both to you.

    Unfortunately, it seems this feature will only help for languages with the same alphabet. How difficult is it to switch to Hebrew, Russian or Arabic? I honestly don’t find it that cumbersome in the old BB OS.

    • “And I guess if you are typing a word which is close to a word in one language and also another word in another, they would have to suggest both to you.”
      That’s exactly my problem with French and English. It doesn’t work that well, because some of the words start the same, but have a different ending and I have to type more than usual before being able to swipe up.

      I love the way the old OS does thing. 2 key presses and I’ve switched language.

  3. Spanglish ftw! Damn, really need the Z10 to release pronto!

  4. ShvartzBerry: No need to ‘switch’ to other languages.. its on the fly. You simply go to Settings > Languages.. and then input language (only have to do this once) then choose which 3 languages you use ( I think it can only do three at a time).. for instance, I have English and Croatian (Hrvatski) set on my Z10.. If I’m typing “Hey, how are you” in English then continue on in Croatian it will recognize that I am typing in Croatian and automatically suggest Croatian words.. I absolutely LOVE this feature…such a pleasure to use.

    • I don’t think you understood the question. I’m asking specifically about languages like Hebrew where the alphabet is completely different. You can’t just start typing Hebrew characters out of nowhere.

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