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BlackBerry Z10 Passes Carpet & Hardwood Drop Tests but Not Concrete

BlackBerry Z10 Drop Test_ It's On - YouTube-000140

I was very curious to see how the BlackBerry Z10 would stand up to a drop test but just didn’t have the heart to perform it myself. BlackBerry did point out to me that unlike other devices they did not stretch the glass to the corners so that a drop would not shatter the device. This is one of the HUGE flaws of the Samsung Galaxy S3 since any drop (even a foot or two) will shatter the corners and maybe the whole device. The iPhone used to also have drop issues but recently Apple made it much sturdier with the iPhone 5 and only a face down drop will really shatter the device.

Mashable decided to check how well the BlackBerry Z10 holds up to drops from your pocket, chest, and head on carpet, wood, and concrete. While they claim it failed the test I think it is pretty impressive for a full touchscreen to withstand those falls. The moral of the story is avoid dropping your Z10 on concrete but its a pretty sturdy device!

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  1. Great!
    I guess the only question left is… will it blend?
    P.S. I checked on their site. They haven’t tried it yet.

  2. ceramic tile is the only thing i dropped my Torch on that cracked my screen. Even at that i was able to continue using it without a problem as the crack wasn’t bad enough to warrant a change of phone. I don’t know what it was but I dropped my torch at least once or twice a day.

  3. Interesting, the gestures stopped working after the screen cracked.

  4. So i guess a case protector would be a prudent investment? Amazing how some of these small, thin, protectors can minimize the impact of falls even greater than shown on here.
    I would not want to lose my Z10 a week after getting it due to a fall (which happens to me all the time now and my 9930 is like a rock!) after waiting 2 years for the thing.

  5. Pretty impressive. Thanks for doing the test!

    Note that since only the touch capability was affected by the concrete drop which cracked the screen, it should have been quite possible to perform a backup via BlackBerry Link, or to retrieve your media over wifi (assuming you don’t just store it in the SD card).

    Nice to see everything but touch was still working even after a 6ft drop onto concrete! I’m much more confident in this thing’s ability to handle abuse now.

    And guys: when the battery cover pops off, stop being all like “oh, wow (slow motion zoom) that’s like the end of the world”. The battery cover is part of the mechanical design intended to help the device survive such drops! If it weren’t there to absorb some impact and pop off, the phone might have been smashed much earlier. Your response should have been “hurrah! the battery cover absorbed the shock and the device survived as a result”. 😉

  6. Where did you hear that Blackberry said “BlackBerry did point out to me that unlike other devices they did not stretch the glass to the corners so that a drop would not shatter the device.”
    My Z10 fell out on my pocket while seated, so approximately a foot and shattered the screen. With a cracked screen the touch screen functionality is gone 100% and therefore the phone is unusable. Sigh

  7. I dropped from my z10 on the tile flooring, while taking it off from my pants pocket. It seemed like bent on the right top corner of the frame, and when I charged the phone (charging heats up the phone), a crack on the top right hand corner occured. It feels z10 has a very frgaile frame and hardware. I dont know how to get it fixed. Any ideas, please let me know…

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