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Quick Tip for Selecting Text on BlackBerry 10

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One of the little usability features that really show the BlackBerry heritage was how to select text on BlackBerry 10. Some of you may have already noticed that you can tap on text or hold down on text and it will pop up the text selection blue bars. What you may have missed is that there is an added touch that really makes this feature shine. If you hold down a little longer on a word it will select the whole sentence. Hold down a little longer and you have the whole paragraph. Just a little longer and you have all the text.

This little usability perk is one of the things I love about BlackBerry 10. We will be covering more as we have time!

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  1. These small touches are what makes blackberry the best.

  2. Love that feature.

  3. Thank, Ronen!

  4. How do you select text in the browser?

  5. Same way. Just hold your finger down

  6. More nuance of what can initially be a frustrating text-selection experience. When in a field that does not permit editing (web browser, received email, etc), text selection works as described above. Once text is selected, a long press on the selected text will bring up the edit side menu (cut/copy/paste/select all/share). Selected text is capped on each end by handles that can be used to drag the text selection field to the desired location.

    When in a field that can be edited, a quick tap brings up the cursor circle. taping in another place will relocate the circle. A quick tap on the circle will turn it dark blue, and then it can be dragged to a new location (if the tap is too quick, the circle will refuse to be dragged … even though it turns dark blue … this can be pretty annoying and maybe its a bug). With the cursor-circle on-screen, a quick tap on any quadrant (top, bottom, left, right) of the edge of the circle will move the cursor one character (if left or right) or line (if up or down). A long press within the circle will bring up a limited edit menu (activate the text select highlight for the nearest whole word, select all paste).

    The system works pretty well, though it can be frustrating and opaque to the uninitiated. I really wich BlackBerry had just imbedded a microtracpad between a couple of the keys on the Q10, touch screens are great but not for precise activities like selecting text. A microtrackpad would not have changed the form-factor of the Q10 and it would have brought undeniable utility to those who clearly value text entry and have sacrificed screen size to get it. (The idea was proposed in a concept BB device I saw elsewhere on the web.)

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