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Watch The BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl Commercial – “What BlackBerry 10 Can’t Do”

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  1. Not so sure about this one. Commercial is fun, but too vague and failed to demonstrate any of its stand out features.

  2. Love it! Want one yesterday

  3. That SUCKED!!!

    • Not at all, it met its immediate requirement. The suck part will be if they don’t build on this ad with the ongoing campaign.
      Broadcast industry dictate ad times, so 30 secs is all they have. They have taken the stand of building an intrigue for the mass consumer market for the last few seconds, which they have done well. The mass consumer, ie. non-tech savvy, could not care less for the exact specs. In the ad they have also subtly teased with gesture movements which builds a secondary teaser to find out more.

      I am convinced that if this ad was like a tech show, there would be too much for the viewer to absorb and in turn fail the campaign.

      We have also hyped this ad to much.

  4. I liked it at first but I had to watch it again to understand what was that about…
    Good one BlackBerry and don’t get discouraged, you’ll keep on getting a lot of heat from the media till they warm up to the idea that BlackBerry is really back.
    P.S.: it’s not in favor that the phone is over a month away from release in the US. Usually when you advertise something and people react, they want to buy NOW.
    Also did any one notice that AT&T released the torch 9810 08/2011 and the Z10 will be exactly 18 months after???which is when people will be eligible for the upgrade and…correct me if I’m wrong, the Q10 and Bold 9900 may have the same senario.

  5. Great special fx, but I think the fake one that came out last week that was done for free by another ad company was more impact

  6. Needed a second commercial to show what the phone CAN do. Just the phone and nothing else. Show peek, show hub, show calendar, show event attendees, show video call to attendee. All that in 30 seconds, all without launching an app! That’s what folks want and NEED to see.

    Let’s see some more RIM. You peaked interest in the Z10 with the Superbowl ad but you need to finish the sale.

    • Yeah, they’re coming out w/ the media blitz this month. The ones that are already up online – the Keep Moving Forward ads. That one goes in-depth w/ the stuff that people want to see. Superbowl ad was to gain attention – great strategy.

      Their Marketing Director is a pro… he knows what he’s doing.

  7. Brilliant ad but maybe a little too deep for your average iPhone user 🙂
    Also, I agree that this might not be the right time to make ads about what it can’t do. Not enough people know about what it CAN do. After the world is well-acquainted with that, maybe that would be the time for such an ad. But hey, they couldn’t delay the Super Bowl, right?

    • @ShvartzBerry
      Did you even read your own post? Most of the negative critiques I’ve read online followed exactly your line of reasoning. It has nothing about being too brilliant or intellectual. I was looking forward to seeing an ad that would effectively demonstrate why smartphone users (including current iPhone users) should give Blackberry a look. As a career marketing exec on the creative side of the business, I’m tasked everyday with creating awareness, persuading consumers and garnering positive brand equity in shorter time frames than 30-seconds. The Blackberry ad was simply lazy creative. And that’s too bad because I think the product is worthy of the attention.

      And @justin … I went to the site and from what I can tell, it isn’t even in the top 25 most viewed list. Maybe an early bump and quick fade?

  8. Think you guys missed the point – it is to help intrigue people and get them talking about it, and checking out the BlackBerry Z10 experience at If you check out, it is currently the Top Ranked commercial 😀

  9. First impression? Meh. Unimpressed and couldn’t see enough about the product. Could be a Samsung user using a multimedia app which features gestures. It really makes the Z10 look like a me too product.
    I’ll let this one sink in to see if I get curious, but with BBJE starting in a few hours, I don’t think I’ll have time 😀

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